Palia Dire Circumstances quest guide Character scratching their head

Palia Dire Circumstances quest guide

Many of Palia’s quests are tied to characters present in the game, and completing them heavily affects your relationship with them. This is a great way of building meaningful friendships with them. One of these quests is given to you by the mayor of Kilima Village, Kenli, called Dire Circumstances in Palia. Here’s how you can complete it.

The objective of this quest is going to be pretty low-pressure and some may even find it simple. However, this quest perfectly reflects Kenli’s laid-back personality.

Keep reading to find out how you can complete the quest, Dire Circumstances in Palia. Finishing this task will help you improve your relationship Kenli and you may become better friends with the mayor!

Palia Dire Circumstances quest guide Character standing inside of a gazebo

Here’s how you complete Dire Circumstances in Palia

This quest starts when you talk to Kenli, and he tells you about how he lost his sandwich and requests you to find it for him. After triggering this quest, if you talk to him again, he will give you a pretty nice clue about the area where you can find his sandwich.

What is the clue exactly? Well, he talks about how he left the sandwich “somewhere in the shade near flowers and a waterfall.” This is a clear reference to Phoenix Falls, trust us on thta one.

Travel to Phoenix Falls, and near one of the waterfalls on the right side, you will find a giant Gazebo. Inside it, there will be a basket titled “Lost Sandwich,” Take it with you to Kenli. Once you come back to him, just give it to him, and you will successfully finish this quest. As a reward, you will get 15 renown, improve relationship, and 300 Gold.

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