Blasphemous 2 bosses guide - all bosses on a chair

Blasphemous 2 bosses guide – how to defeat them all

Blasphemous has always been known for its hard-as-nails enemies and bosses. That’s why we’ve compiled this Blasphemous 2 bosses guide to help you find out how to defeat them so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours dying.

Yes, dying is part of the game – this is a Soulslike game after all – but there comes a point when you just want to throw the controller out of the window. So you really do need some help along the way.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Blasphemous 2 bosses and tips and tricks on how to defeat them all.

How to defeat all the bosses in Blasphemous 2

Here are the bosses with some of our best strategies to defeat them:

Faceless one

The first boss is not really as easy as you might think, as it jumps around and glides with his deadly wheel. Just jump when it is ready to do the sliding move and when it leaps into the air, immediately get under it. Just slice it when it drops down as much as possible. Shouldn’t take you too much.

Great Preceptor Radamés

This huge skeleton might indeed be a nuisance if you don’t use your newly acquired weapon in the right way. Use your wall jumping ability to get away as soon as he attacks in glass shard form, and dodge and jump the ranged mystical attacks. Attack as much as possible when Radamés is against the wall, but be careful when it turns around.

Lesmes Incorrupt Sacristian & Sleeping Infanta

Arm yourself with the fire-resistant beads and powers you have collected, as this guy is all about firepower. Dodge his column of flames while attacking him as much as possible. Keep away when he does his multiple fireballs as it is in an invulnerable state. After that, he will spawn the Infanta, and attack her as much as possible when she is coming out. Dodge her wheel and keep attacking. After they come back to attack you in tandem, get rid of the infanta first then deal with the sacristian’s columns of fire.

Orospina Lady Embroiderer

Orospina will signal where she’ll teleport, just dodge out immediately then go back and attack as much as possible. Generally, do not attack too much when she goes with her ranged lightning attacks. Jump when she attacks on the platform. Stay on your toes and use a fast weapon.

Afilaor Sentinel of the Emery

This might be one strong enemy, as he jumps around breaking all the ground around him and slices with his sword. Slide under when he does the spinning kick and keep your distance when he throws daggers. Keep hitting him when he comes back from his “background” move, as that is easily dodged with a quick slide.

Benedicta of the Endless Orison

You’re fighting this boss on two different platforms, which move about a bit. Keep jumping between them as it is the easiest way to dodge some of the strongest attacks, but be careful not to fall. Use the flail to deliver as much damage as possible. Dodge the attacks by also using the teleportation between the walls from left and right.

Odòn of the Confraternity of Salt

This is another one who goes all out with strong sword attacks, but he is easy to deal with once you learn the patterns. Get busy with ranged attacks as he will often pause to summon more enemies, so you can keep your distance while delivering punishment. If you want to heal, also, stay away as much as possible since he can deliver some strong ground attacks.

Sìnodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices

This enemy can easily switch between different Miasma and Fire attacks, so if you can use protection then arm yourself before the fight. Careful that when in nun form it can heal a lot of points back, try to hit it as much as possible when you see the halo forming around its head. Avoiding the lightning attacks from the metal mask might be difficult so, instead, just try to keep on attacking. The last mask brings you a hell of flames, just keep jumping around and deliver the final blows quickly.

Svsona, Fermosa Fembra

The most dangerous attack this boss can do is the lightning area attack, just use the platform for protection as dodging can’t help you here. The platforms will get smaller as the fight goes on, so be careful to stand under them. Its other attacks are nothing much and easily avoidable, so just keep hitting it with the flail.

Eviterno, First of the Penitents

This boss has two phases, the first of which is relatively easy once you learn its patterns. Its lightning attacks are the most dangerous, the others can be dodged easily and you can keep attacking. Be careful of the huge solar ball and, if you can, throw the green miasma ball back to him as it will give you a good advantage. The second phase is quite more difficult as the guy has a lot of attacks and never lets you breathe, even healing is difficult. Keep dodging its attacks, deliver Veredicto attacks and do not stand close.

Incarnate Devotion

The final boss needs you to mostly ignore the two outer platforms. Just dodge and try to stay on the two closest ones to its heart so you can deliver as much punishment as possible. When the heart develops a shield, now is the time to go and pounce on the “flowers” and get rid of them as soon as possible. When the platforms disappear, stay on the ground but get ready to get out of there as soon lightning will be back. Continue with the strategy and you should be done soon.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the bosses in Blasphemous 2 and how to beat them all. Read our other Blasphemous 2 guides for more tips and tricks on your pilgrimage as the Penitent One.