Blasphemous 2 chants - fighting against coffins

Blasphemous 2 chants – which ones are the best

If you want to learn to defend yourself and stop the Child of the Miracle, then you have to learn all about chanting. Indeed, the Blasphemous 2 chants are some of the most powerful magic you can wield. But how to unlock them and what they do?

It is not that easy to understand their use and choose which ones to stick with, even worse they have to be collected in the world before they can be used.

So, let’s have a quick look at the Blasphemous 2 chants to learn all about how to use them in the most efficient way.

Where are the Blasphemous 2 chants?

Chants are stronger magical attacks which can be used to make quick work of some of the lesser enemies. They are also quick useful for some of the bosses, let’s see which ones are good to use.

Peteneras to the burial of the lights

The first chant you will get, it invokes flames from the core of the Earth itself and causes fire damage. It will create flames on the ground, starting, from the Penitent one which will hurt enemies in front of you. Quite useful to make work when you have two-three lesser enemies in front of you.

Mirabras of the Return to Port

This is an easy one. Just use it to go back to the City of the Blessed Name. Definitely useful if you’ve been struggling and need to go back and collect some more health or perform upgrades. It becomes basically useless once you gain the ability to go to the City directly from a Prieu Dieu. The ability is to the left of Profundo Lamento, in the first Sea of Ink level.

Chime of the Twisted One

This one can be found in a secret room to the right of where you enter in the Mother of Mothers, just keep going to the right. This chant invokes a ghostly bell which inflicts Mystical damage on all enemies that get in contact with it.

Taranto to My Sister

This attack launches lightning bolts all around the Penitent one. Pretty useful both for enemies that are on the ground and those flying.

Debla of the Lights

A strong mystical attack which launches a column which envelops your enemies.

The best Blasphemous 2 chants

Overall, we would say there are only a few chants that are really useful. Peteneras is a pretty good one to start off with, as its attack extend right in front of the Penitent one and can be quite useful to make quick work of enemies.

Debla of the Lights is also pretty useful, especially with certain enemies and can also be used successfully with bosses as the column works for both aerial enemies and those on the ground.

That’s all we have for you on the Blasphemous 2 chants, for more tips and tricks on the game check out our guide on Blasphemous 2 quick verses.