Fire Emblem Engage - New Game Plus

Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus explained

Fire Emblem: Engage is the latest installment in the beloved Fire Emblem series, known for its tactical gameplay and gripping storytelling. It puts you in the shoes of a protagonist, Alear, leading a group of heroes on epic quests to save the kingdom from various threats. In this guide, we’ll talk about Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus.

New Game Plus adds an extra layer of excitement and depth to the game. It allows you to replay the game from the beginning while carrying over certain aspects of your previous playthroughs.

If you’re curious to know all about Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus, read on.

Does Fire Emblem Engage have New Game Plus

Unfortunately, Fire Emblem Engage does not have a New Game Plus mode. The game still offers plenty of exciting gameplay and engaging story content, though this news may disappoint the fans of the franchise.

For those unfamiliar with New Game Plus, it grants players the ability to carry over their accomplishments from a previous playthrough to a new one. This mode not only offers extra challenges by confronting the players with stronger adversaries; but also allows them to keep their hard-earned experience and valuable resources for another go-around.

Although Fire Emblem Engage does not offer a New Game Plus mode, fear not! The developers have planned an array of post-game content to keep players engaged and entertained. One aspect of the post-game content in Fire Emblem Engage revolves around the ability to replay specific missions. 

This feature allows players to revisit key moments in the game without starting a new playthrough. While it may not provide the same level of progression and customization as a New Game Plus mode, it offers an opportunity to experience memorable battles and uncover missed secrets.

DLC and End-Game Challenges

In addition to replaying missions, the developers have confirmed that there will be four DLCs in Fire Emblem Engage. These DLCs are expected to introduce new story arcs, characters, and challenges that will test the skills of even the most seasoned players. It is worth noting that the difficulty level of the DLC content is anticipated to be higher than that of the final chapters in the main story. As a result, players will need to assemble a party of high-level units to tackle these formidable foes.

It’s worth considering the possibility of introducing New Game Plus through one of these DLCs. The final DLC release could mark the end of Fire Emblem Engage’s content updates, making it an opportune time for the developers to implement this highly requested feature. However, fans will have to wait with bated breath until officials make official announcements.

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