Ravenlok stinky dessert red enemies

Ravenlok stinky dessert – where to find it

Uh-oh, stinky. I never thought that meme would find its way into a guide, but that’s where we are folks. Anyway, if a mouse tells you to go find something that stinks to make me happy, you say how stinky, right? Let’s see where to find the Ravenlok stinky dessert in the game world.

This is part of the very first quests in the game, such as the Springbloom Symphony and Dragon’s Bribe, which makes it one that you want to solve as soon as possible since otherwise it will stay in your list forever.

So let’s get to find that Ravenlok stinky dessert so we can start eating that smelly food item.

Ravenlok stinky dessert – how to complete the Exotic Confectionery quest

The answer is not that complicated but, of course, it involves completing other quests along with this one. Basically, you can find the dessert inside a chest after beating a certain gluttonous boss. Let’s take a look in more detail.

After completing the Mushroom Forest, you will soon get to visit the Tea Party, where – along with other quests – you will soon find yourself in front of Ugsak the Glutton. He is a boss that can’t wait to eat you up. Careful of his poison long-range attack and sudden lunge, but he hasn’t got many other dangerous attacks luckily.

He should not be that difficult and, also, defeating him opens a whole other part of the level. But, keeping on the task at hand, what you want here is getting the slimy key from him. This will open a chest that you might have already seen, close to the huge white teapot, going back from the boss a couple of rooms.

Inside the chest, you will find a cupcake which Theo the chef will surely appreciate. In exchange for that super stinky item, he will give you a clock hand. Finished the quest.

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