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Contraband Starfield – Where and how to sell it

In Starfield, contraband refers to items that are illegal to possess or trade in certain locations. These illicit goods can range from outlawed substances to forbidden technology. Unlike stolen items, contraband is inherently illegal, regardless of how it was acquired. In this guide, we’ll provide you with valuable insights on where to sell contraband in Starfield.

To effectively sell Starfield contraband, you need to identify which items fall into this category. While stolen items are marked with a red symbol, contraband items are always marked with a yellow symbol. This visual distinction helps you differentiate between legal and illegal goods, ensuring you don’t unwittingly carry contraband into restricted areas. 

Read on to find out where and how to sell contraband in Starfield.

Where to Sell Starfield Contraband in Starfield

When it comes to selling contraband, Trade Authority vendors are your primary targets. You can find these vendors in Trade Authority buildings in major hub worlds. However, it’s important to note that Trade Authority terminals themselves do not accept contraband. To sell your illegal goods, you must interact directly with the Trade Authority vendors within their respective buildings. Keep in mind that Trade Authority vendors have a limited amount of credits at any given time, so ensure they have enough funds to cover your sell price.

Two early Trade Authority locations you’ll encounter are New Atlantis (Jemison) and Cydonia (Mars). In New Atlantis, head to the underground Well area and locate the Trade Authority office guarded by UC Security members. In Cydonia, find the Trade Authority office in the main hub area, down the ramp, and to the right on the top floor. These Trade Authority offices serve as reliable spots to sell your contraband, provided the vendors have sufficient credits.

The Den

For those seeking to sell contraband without the risk of getting scanned, The Den space station in the ‘Wolf’ Star System offers a promising opportunity. This shadowy location is devoid of any scanning ships, allowing you to safely trade your illegal wares without detection. Dock your ship at The Den and make your way forward, then turn left to locate the small Trade Authority kiosk. Selling contraband at The Den can be a lucrative venture, but be mindful not to overwhelm the Trade Authority vendor, as they may run out of credits if you sell too frequently.

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