Remnant 2 music box puzzle - solving the puzzle

Remnant 2 music box puzzle – how to solve it

As players journey through different worlds in Remnant 2, they will encounter numerous puzzles. Among them is the Yaesha music box puzzle. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough to solve the Remnant 2 music box puzzle, even if you are not a musical type.

This puzzle is initially broken and needs to be fixed to progress through the Yaesha mainline quest. Unfortunately, the game provides minimal guidance, leaving players confused and unsure of how to proceed.

Read on to find the solution to the Remnant 2 music box puzzle and progress through the game.

How to solve the music box puzzle in Remnant 2

To solve the music box puzzle in the Forbidden Grove of Yaesha, you must first pull a lever and then input the correct nodes. Follow these step-by-step instructions for solving the puzzle:

Step 1: Pull the Lever

Before you can interact with the music box itself, you need to locate and pull a lever. This lever is situated directly above the checkpoint room near the music box puzzle.

Step 2: Find the Solution in the Journal

Inside the checkpoint room, there’s a book that contains the solution to the music box puzzle. The journal has the symbols and their corresponding nodes that you have to enter into the music box. It’s crucial to carefully observe the symbols and their sequence in the journal, as they will direct your actions.

Step 3: Inputting the Nodes

Now that you have pulled the lever and obtained the solution from the journal, it’s time to input the nodes into the music box. Each row in the music box corresponds to a symbol in the journal, and you need to select the correct nodes based on the symbols.

To input the nodes correctly, follow these guidelines:

  • Begin with the first row and raise the peg underneath the symbol indicated in the journal. Each symbol represents a node on the music box.
  • Move on to the subsequent rows, selecting or skipping nodes according to the symbols in the journal.
  • If the journal displays a dashed line, skip selecting a node for that specific row.

Here is the solution for the music box puzzle, row by row:

  • 1st Row: Fifth Node
  • 2nd Row: Skip
  • 3rd Row: Fourth Node
  • 4th Row: Skip
  • 5th Row: Third Node
  • 6th Row: Fourth Node
  • 7th Row: First Node
  • 8ht Row: Skip

Ensure that you input the nodes in the correct order, following this sequence from left to right.

Step 4: Activating the Music Box

After correctly inputting the nodes, take a step back from the music box. To activate it, locate a lever to the left of the music box and pull it. Once activated, the music box will play a tune, indicating that you have successfully solved the puzzle.

Once you’ve solved the music box puzzle, a bridge will lower, allowing you to enter the next room. In this room, you’ll meet the Corrupted Ravager, a crucial character in the story. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the Ravager and then face a decision: whether to kill or save the Doe.

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