Alan Wake 2 Kalevala code - Sarah Andrerson standing in front of the Kalevala Knights Workshop.

Alan Wake 2 Kalevala code location – how to find it

Are you trying to find the code for the Kalevala Knights Workshop in Alan Wake 2? Here’s everything you should know. This is a fairly straightforward puzzle to solve and you’ll need to locate three symbols inside the workshop. Let’s examine how to find the symbols and how to insert them into the keylock to solve this puzzle.

Alan Wake 2 Kalevala code - Sarah Andrerson standing in front of the three symbols.

Alan Wake 2 Kalevala Knights Workshop door code

To find the Kalevala Knights Workshop code in Alan Wake 2, head inside the workshop from the front and turn left to find the three symbols. Then, go right inside the back office room and insert the symbols you found on the keylock.

To find the symbols, position yourself exactly as shown in the image above. Remember the symbols and their exact order, top to bottom. Once you head to the keylock room, you must insert them in the order that you saw them. The symbol that was on top should be the top one on the keylock, and so on.

Once inserted, the door will open automatically and you’ll be able to progress to the next room. As for the rewards, this location is a Breakroom so you’ll be able to save and also collect a fuse from the table. For the next step, you’ll need to visit Espresso Express in Coffee World.

Kalevala Knights Workshop door won’t open

It is possible to insert the code properly but the door to stay shut. This is not a bug but instead a feature, and to fix it you must complete other tasks. Thus, if the door doesn’t open after adding the code in Kalevala Knights Workshop, head back and do other tasks; come back later and the door will open automatically.

Alternatively, if you have no other nearby tasks to complete, some players have reported restarting their console and reloading the previous save file to fix the issue.

To summarize, you can get the Kalevala Knights Workshop code in Alan Wake 2 by finding the three symbols on the left side of the workshop’s entrance and then placing them in the same order on the keylock. If the door still won’t open, consider doing other nearby tasks or reloading the previous save file. Did you manage to solve this puzzle easily? Let us know in the comments. For more similar content, consider checking out how to find the wellness center password and where to find the lighthouse key in Alan Wake 2.

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