chained echoes no place for happy endings quest guide the king gustaf speaking to party

Chained Echoes No Place for Happy Endings guide

So, you’re playing Chained Echoes and love its pixel art style and turn-based gameplay, but you need a Chained Echoes No Place for Happy Endings guide to help you find where to start the side quest and how to complete it.

Our Chained Echoes No Place for Happy Endings guide is here to help you with that very problem. The quest can only be started at a certain point in the story and at a certain place, so be warned that there are spoilers here.

Below, you’ll find a rundown on where you need to go and what you need to do to finish up the side mission.

Where to find No Place For Happy Endings in Chained Echoes

To start the No Place for Happy Endings side quest in Chained Echoes, you will need to head to Flandern, the village in the western part of the Kortara mountain range. You need to have completed the main story questline of Chained Echoes before No Place for Happy Endings can be started.

Once there, go to the fast travel crystal and a cutscene between Robb and Lord Gustaf will play. From there, head to the east of Rockbottom and find the house mentioned in the cutscene. Thoma will offer to join the Crimson Wings if you can defeat Robb’s father. You can begin this task by speaking to Thoma in the northwest part of Flandern.

How to complete the quest

To defeat Robb’s father, you need to head to Rymeier Castle. Once there, you’ll start encountering mages and soldiers that you’ll have to beat. Go to the left of the entrance and you’ll find a Devil’s Head in a chest there.

Go across the bridge, but then take a right and follow a narrow path. You’ll find a chest containing a Silver Bolero. From here, use the nearby ledge to get into the courtyard of the castle. The doors leading off of the courtyard will take you to side areas that contain lots of loot, so it’s recommended to explore these before continuing.

To progress, go up the stairs and into the castle hold. You’ll have to fight two mages and two soldiers here. Head north and go up more stairs. Turn right and head along the ramparts until you find a drop. Jump down here and enter the door. You will now be in Gustaf’s throne room.

The characters will now talk and Thoma will backstab your party. You will now have to defeat Thoma and their bandit friend in a boss fight. When you defeat Thoma and the bandit, you will receive a grimoire shard.

That’s everything you need to know about the No Place for Happy Ending side quest in Chained Echoes. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, why not read our Chained Echoes full walkthrough to see all of the guides we’ve written?

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