Ravenlok anti poison ring avoiding green bullets

Ravenlok anti poison ring – how to enter the greenhouse

Interesting how so many games have very specific rings that seem to negate effects such as poison, ice, fire, water and such. Look at us, we are just using antibiotics for everything, what a pity. Jokes aside, if you need to enter the greenhouse, you need to find the Ravenlok anti poison ring, so let’s see how to get it.

Entering the greenhouse is really one of the most difficult bits in the game, since along with a complicated puzzle, you also need another item to be able to survive inside. And Ravenlok can get hard, but we don’t need to tell you that because that’s why you’re here.

But no worries, as it is not that difficult to complete once you work it out and we are sure it’s just a matter of time before you’ll be wearing that Ravenlok anti poison ring.

How to enter the greenhouse

As mentioned, the only way to enter the poisonous areas inside the greenhouse is to be wearing the anti-poison ring. But where is it? The answer is quite simple, you can buy it in Etta’s shop.

But of course, that’s a deceptively simple answer as the shop also needs to be opened first. In order to allow Etta the Rabbit to open the shop, you will need a blessing from the witch. This means that you will need to complete first the potion and explore the Mushroom Forest, defeating bosses and doing quests.

After you have completed the potion for the witch, you can bring back the blessing to Etta, after which she will open the shop. The anti-poison ring will be the last item in the list, costing 300 gold coins which, at this point, you probably already have.

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