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Stray Gods endings – how to get them all

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical comes with this hefty title and guess what? It actually delivers. This is a rare gem of a game that has come out recently. It is not perfect but it is sincere with its premise. The strange combination of a visual novel and a musical, spiced up by a mystery involving Greek gods is something that may feel like too much, but glazing it with emo aesthetics just made it work even better. Bear in mind this game is not for everyone, but if you are someone who feels that this game is literally designed for you, then you have to know all of Stray Gods’ endings to fully appreciate it.

Romances take the central stage in Stray Gods as you have multiple options. Romancing different characters also incentivizes replaying this game over and over again till you know about all of their outcomes. However, you may not know how to exactly do this.

So, don’t worry, just keep reading on. Find out how you can get all of the Stray Gods’ endings and understand how the story of Grace ends.

stray gods endings - how to get them all Characters singing together

How to get all of the endings in Stray Gods

The romance option you decide to pursue in the game heavily affects the ending you are going to get in the game. This aspect, combined with pivotal decision-making moments such as who to give the throne? Also dedicates how your story is going to resolve.

From now on, obviously spoilers alert.

Freddie Ending

Ending with Freddie is arguably the best romance option and ending in the game. She is not a Greek god, but still way better for Grace compared to anyone else in the game. She is supportive and empathetic and all of their interactions are filled with a good amount of chemistry.

To get this ending, you have to make sure you don’t romance any other character. Flirting is alright, but you have to make sure not to overdo it. During the song “I Can Teach You,” make sure to side with Freddie over Pan.

Finally, you have to save Freddie from the underworld and choose all of the dialogue choices that are red to romance her. She will confess her love to Grace. Then, once you survive the Trial, you must select “You need me.”

By doing all of this, you will secure Freddie’s ending in Stray Gods.

Persephone Ending

Persephone is a strange romance option. In the beginning, she is very antagonistic towards Grace and has a pretty cold demeanor. But as you progress through the game, you will find more about her backstory and, she even becomes a little sensitive.

You might even understand why her personality is like that. There will be many story beats that will require you to make particular choices to get her ending.

Keep choosing the heart option whenever they show up and during the important scene in which you can either leave the underworld with Apollo or stay with Persephone, choose the latter. Also, choose the kickass trait when singing with Orpheus, take the throne for yourself, and say “Goodbye” to Freddie to successfully get this ending.

Pan Ending

Pan is a character whose reputation clearly precedes you. He is aware of what a trouble-making trickster he is, constantly using his charms and wits to get things done. But if you want this dastardly devil’s ending, you have to side with him whenever he appears. 

Keeping choosing the heart options and supporting him during musical sequences such as choosing him over Freddie during “I Can Teach You.” Every character will tell Grace to stay away from him but don’t listen to them, just keep supporting Pan. You will be surprised to find out that his pairing with Grace kind of works, and in the ending you will get a surprisingly beautiful song sequence with him.

Apollo Ending

Apollo in this game starts out as a surfer dude but soon he transforms into a deeper character with an engaging backstory. He is one of those characters that you will have to interact with a lot as he is central to the game’s story. 

Choose all of the dialogues that favor his position and start filtering and romancing him. Once you reach the end and finish the trial, you will share a duet with him.

No Romance Ending

This is the ending the players who did not indulge themselves in any romance in the game get. In it, Grace will share a song with her friends about how her life has changed since the beginning.

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