Vampire Survivors pentagram fighting as vampire

Vampire Survivors pentagram – how to unlock and evolve

The Pentagram is maybe one of the most loved and popular weapons among all the players of this classic vampiric game. It allows you to get rid of all your enemies, clearing everything in sight. So in this guide we’ll see how to unlock and evolve the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors.

Its power alone makes it quite the useful weapon. Sometimes it can make the difference between a good and a bad run. But, do you know it can be even more powerful? Yes indeed.

So let’s learn everything about Vampire Survivors’ pentagram and how to unlock and evolve it. This is quite a powerful weapon.

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How to unlock and evolve the Pentagram

Unlocking the pentagram is quite easy since it’s the starting weapon of Christine Davain, a secret character unlocked by surviving 20 minutes playing as anyone. As any other weapon, to be evolved it needs to be combined with a passive item which, in this case, is the Crown.

The evolved form of the pentagram, the gorgeous moon, not only frees you from all enemies, but it keeps all the orbs, it creates new ones and attracts them directly to you. 

Although you may be think the crown is not that useful, since it does not increase damage, it is actually a powerful passive object. Crown grants your character +8% more experience per level (40% max) allowing, with all the characters, to level up faster, a condition often necessary to get arcanas. 

Once you’ve upgraded the pentagram to level 7, coupled with the crown, the weapon will evolve in Gorgeous Moon. As any other evolved weapon you will find it hidden in a treasure chest, so look for a boss to defeat in your run and you will be richly rewarded.

There is another way to unlock Christine Davain: using the Spell Menu after finding the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane and entering the cheat code “crystalmakeup.”  Perhaps, in this case, it might be slightly overkill.

Now you know a useful secret for one of the most loved and feared heroes in Vampire Survivors. If you want to become really invincible and kill every bat and skeleton in the game check out all our guides on this highly addictive game, such as Vampire Survivors – How to evolve all weapons or Vampire Survivors – Legacy of the Moonspell weapons synergies guide