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Stray Gods romance guide – all options explained

In the narrative RPG game Stray Gods, romance plays a significant role in the storyline. As players navigate through the game, they have the opportunity to choose from four potential romantic partners. In this guide, we will explore all the available Stray Gods romance options and provide insights on how to initiate and nurture these relationships.

Each character in the game offers a unique romantic journey, adding depth and emotional connection to the gameplay.

Read on to find out all the available Stray Gods romance options.

All romance options in Stray Gods

Here are all the romance options available in Stray Gods:

1 – Apollo

Apollo, the Sun God associated with prophecies and music, plays a pivotal role in Grace’s journey as she discovers her godly powers. Initially, Apollo and Grace investigate the death of her muse predecessor, Calliope. Apollo’s melancholic nature and self-imposed isolation have created a barrier between him and Grace. However, players have the opportunity to kindle a romance between them and help Apollo find redemption.

Apollo is a complex character, a sad boy seeking absolution. His charm lies in his out-of-touch, homebody quirks, making him an endearing romantic option. If you’re drawn to a redemption arc and can’t resist falling for a character who needs to take better care of themselves, Apollo might be the perfect choice for you.

2 – Freddie

Freddie is Grace’s lifelong best friend and bandmate. From the beginning of the game, they share a close bond and audition together for new band members. As players explore the romantic possibilities, Freddie emerges as a supportive and dependable partner, showcasing their intelligence, creativity, and stylish hat.

If you’re partial to the friends-to-lovers trope, Freddie’s route will satisfy your desire for a solid friendship blossoming into something deeper. They are a steadfast presence in Grace’s life, making them an ideal choice for players seeking a romance built on a rock-solid foundation.

3 – Pan

Pan, a god with swagger and secrets, adds an air of mystery to Stray Gods. Known for his manipulative tendencies, Pan often leaves others perplexed. However, he repeatedly appears to assist Grace, slowly revealing hidden depths and an alluring persona. Choosing to pursue a romance with Pan allows players to unravel the enigma surrounding him.

Pan’s charm lies in his smooth-talking nature and his ability to captivate those around him. His first song, performed alongside Grace and Freddie in their apartment, stands out as one of the game’s highlights. If you’re seeking a unique and captivating romance, Pan offers an opportunity for a one-of-a-kind experience.

4 – Persephone

Grace and Persephone’s relationship begins on rocky ground, as Persephone initially seeks retribution for Calliope’s murder. Despite her tough and troubled exterior, Persephone possesses a complex personality with layers of vulnerability. Grace’s openness and understanding have the power to break through Persephone’s defenses and reveal her true self.

Persephone is a warrior queen who has endured significant hardships, including the loss of her youth and throne due to a kidnapping. Behind her badass exterior, she conceals a heart of gold. If you’re drawn to strong-willed characters with hidden depths, Persephone’s romance arc offers a chance to discover the softer side of this formidable goddess.

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