Starfield Red Tape Turnaround guide – governor choices explained

Starfield red tape turnaround- Interacting with Governor Hurst

In games like Starfield, quests now offer branching paths and multiple endings, allowing players to make choices that shape their journey. One such quest is the Red Tape Turnaround, which presents players with a decision that can have far-reaching consequences. In this guide, we will explore the choices available in the Starfield Red Tape Turnaround quest.

Each choice you make has consequences that can ripple throughout the game, shaping your character’s journey and interactions with the world of Starfield.

Keep reading to find out the governor’s choices in the Starfield Red Tape Turnaround quest.

All Governer choices in Starfield Red Tape Turnaround Quest 

Governor Hurst will ask you to retrieve a package from his stolen ship, which has been taken over by pirates. However, as with most quests in Starfield, things are not as straightforward as they seem. Your choices during this quest can lead to different outcomes and impact the overall narrative. Here are all the choices:

Destroying the Ship

One of the most obvious choices in the Red Tape Turnaround quest is to follow Governor Hurst’s orders and destroy the ship. By doing so, you can report back to Governor Hurst, who will commend you for a job well done. This choice is straightforward but lacks excitement and additional rewards.

Alternatively, you can explore alternative options. By hailing the ship and initiating a conversation with the pirates, you have the opportunity to persuade them not to fight or engage in combat. Should you choose to fight, you can search the corpse of the pirate leader for an important item. On the other hand, if you successfully persuade the pirates, you can search the ship’s corpses for evidence. Both paths will reveal Governor Hurst’s involvement with the pirates.

Blackmailing Governor Hurst

If you decide to gather evidence against Governor Hurst, you can take a different approach. After discovering his involvement with the pirates, you can confront him and reveal that you know about his dealings. This presents an opportunity for you to blackmail him. By doing so, you can receive a generous cash reward and continue the quest. This choice is ideal for players who enjoy playing the game with a morally ambiguous or self-serving character.

Installing a New Governor

Another option available in the Red Tape Turnaround quest is to report Governor Hurst’s actions to the authorities. Once you have gathered evidence against him, make your way back to Mars and find CDR Woodard. Present the evidence to him and report on your findings regarding Governor Hurst’s dealings. CDR Woodard will ask for proof, which you can provide using the evidence from the ship. 

After lying to Governor Hurst about destroying the ship, CDR Woodard will become the new governor. This choice aligns with players who prefer to make morally upright decisions and seek justice.

In conclusion, The Red Tape Turnaround quest in Starfield offers players a meaningful decision that can impact the game’s narrative. Whether you choose to follow Governor Hurst’s orders, blackmail him, or seek justice by installing a new governor, your choices will shape your character’s journey. Remember, each path presents its own rewards and consequences, so choose wisely.

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