Starfield level up fast - the best ways to XP farm Characters walking up a hill

Starfield level up fast – the best ways to XP farm

Leveling up is an essential part of the gameplay loop in Starfield. Truthfully, without this important incentive, many players may even leave this game unfinished. Bethesda has designed many different methods and ways to get XP in this game. However, if you are not focusing on the most effective ones, it may take ages to fill up that experience bar. So, this article will shed some light on the best ways to level up fast in Starfield.

Many of these methods are going to be advantageous if you are just starting out. Getting a significant head start in an expansive game like Starfield, will just unlock more entertaining and interesting opportunities.

Keep reading to find out how you can level up fast in Starfield. Gaining skill points will become very easy after you learn these techniques.

Starfield level up fast - the best ways to XP farm Character sleeping

How to level up fast in Starfield?

There are several ways to level up fast in Starfield. Some of the most efficient of them are the following:

  • Completing quests: This is hands down the most accessible way to level up fast in Starfield. The settled system is filled to the brim with a variety of quests, completing them successfully will reward you with an immense amount of XP. This is also a pretty fun and entertaining way as well, especially compared to the other methods.
  • Sleeping with companions: Just by sleeping, you will be rewarded with a Well Rested bonus that provides you a 10% XP bonus buff. This is really good, but you know what’s even better? Well, sleeping with someone. So, get married as soon as possible and sleep with a companion. Doing so will give you an Emotional Security bonus that will give you a 15% XP bonus buff. This is really important when it comes to farming XP.
  • Eating XP Boosting Meals: If you consume Alien Tea (+2% XP boost for 15 minutes), Shepherd’s Pie ( +2% XP boost for 60 minutes), and Grandma’s Meatloaf ( +2% XP boost for 120 minutes) you will get a significant boost.
  • Discover new places: By exploring new planets and locations, you will be rewarded with XP. This is a great and lore-friendly way to level up. With over 1000 planets, it won’t take a lot of time for you to be at the higher levels.

These are some of the more organic ways to earn XP, and many of them focus on giving your character an XP boost. However, if you are still having trouble gaining XP with these buffs, you can try this alternative method:

Starfield level up fast - the best ways to XP farm Character scanning a planet

How to scan Planets to farm XP

Once you have yourself a spaceship, you are ready to perform this method. So, once you get on your ship and also possess the Well Rested or Emotional Security bonus, fly to a particular system and open up the system map. Start scanning Gas Giants. This will help you gain some skill points.

Start utilizing these skill points on the Astrophysics skills in the Science Tree. Unlock all the ranks and start scanning planets, moons, and gas giants. Keep traveling from one system to the other. By doing this, you can easily earn 400-500 XP very fast.

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