Starfield UC Vanguard questline – how to join faction, quests, more

Starfield UC Vanguard questline - how to join faction, quests, more Characters taking an oath

Settled Systems in Starfield contains many factions that players are free to join. UC Vanguard is one of them, and they have considerable influence on many planets. They are a republic with a solid foundation and interesting quests. So, if you are looking for a faction like this, then UC Vanguard in Starfield is the faction that you should definitely join.

Keep in mind, they are a really big faction with a lot of authoritative attitude and many departments, so only join if you want to be part of a team with functions that feel more like a corporation. You will meet many new characters, and some of their ideologies might not align with yours.

In any case, keep reading to find out all about UC Vanguard in Starfield, and understanding them in detail will help you make better decisions.

Starfield UC Vanguard questline - how to join faction, quests, more Character standing near a giant table

How can you join UC Vanguard in Starfield?

To join this faction, travel to the UC’s capital, New Atlantis City located on planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. Once you are there, go to the MAST headquarters and talk to Commander Tuala. He will ask you to register and complete an orientation exam. After you complete this test, he will give you the first UC Vanguard quest.

How many quests are there in the UC Vanguard questline?

There are a total of 9 main quests in the UC Vanguard questline. The following are all of them:

  • Supra Et Ultra
  • Grunt Work
  • Delivering Devils
  • Eyewitness
  • Friends Like These
  • The Devils You Know
  • War Relics
  • Hostile Intelligence
  • A Legacy Forged

All these quests are going to be significantly diverse from each other, and while you progress through the quest line, you will also get an option to join the Crimson Fleet faction. They are basically space pirates, so only choose to join them if you really dislike UC Vanguard.

Starfield UC Vanguard questline - how to join faction, quests, more Character holding a rifle

What are the rewards you can earn in this faction?

The following are all the rewards you can unlock while playing as a UC Vanguard member:

  • UC Vanguard Pilot Pack
  • UC Vanguard Spacesuit
  • UC Vanguard Space Helmet
  • UC Antixeno Skip Pack
  • UC Antixeno Spacesuit
  • UC Antixeno Space Helmet
  • United Colonies Mission Board
  • Tempest unique rifle
  • Mercury Penthouse

Combining all these rewards with a lot of credits and XP that you will eventually earn completing missions, it is safe to say that being a UC Vanguard member comes with a lot of perks. Moreover, the influence of this faction may also come in handy during certain interactions.

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