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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk character unlock – how to get them all

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an exciting parkour game that offers players a wide variety of characters to choose from. Each character comes with their own set of skills and abilities, adding a unique flavor to the gameplay experience. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of unlocking all the characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Each character brings their own style and abilities to the game, offering a unique gameplay experience. 

Read on to find out how to unlock all the characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

How to unlock all characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

We will show you first how to unlock the Main Story characters, as they are naturally unlocked during progression. We will look at post-story characters later too. Each character has a distinct personality and playstyle, making them a valuable addition to your team. Let’s take a look at how to unlock these characters:


Rave is one of the first characters you can unlock in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. To recruit her, you need to complete three challenges. The first challenge takes place at the Verdum Hills Subway Station. Look for Rave there and prove your parkour skills to impress her. The second challenge is located in the bazaar, where you will have another opportunity to showcase your abilities. Finally, head to the hideout’s entrance for the third and final task. Once you successfully complete all three challenges, Rave will join your team.


To unlock Shine, head to the food court in Millennium Mall. Complete the challenge she presents to you, and then follow her until you reach the warehouse. Once you reach the warehouse, Shine will be ready to join your crew. Embrace her unique parkour style and make the most of her abilities in your missions.


Mesh can be found in the Brink Terminal. Look for him there and complete his task to unlock him as a playable character. After that, head to the tallest tower and beat Mesh’s score. Once you accomplish this, make your way to the canal through the tunnel and complete the final task to recruit Mesh. With his skills added to your roster, you’ll have more options for tackling the game’s challenges.


Rise is located at the far entrance of Pyramid Island. To unlock her, take her picture and climb the bridge above her. You will receive a message instructing you to climb to the top and meet her near the red spiral. Complete Rise’s challenges to impress her and convince her to join your side. With Rise on your team, you’ll have a valuable ally in your parkour adventures.

Vinyl & Solance

Vinyl and Solance are characters that are unlocked as you progress through the main story of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Keep playing and completing missions, and eventually, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit these two talented individuals. They will bring their unique skills and personalities to your team, enhancing your parkour experience.

Post-Game Characters

The post-game in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk introduces even more characters for players to unlock and play as. These characters offer new challenges and abilities, adding depth and variety to your gameplay. Let’s take a look at how to unlock these post-game characters:


Coil can be found in Mataan’s alley. To unlock him, you must first copy his moves. Once you have done so, head to the Gold Statue and receive a text message. Follow the instructions in the text to reach a new location. From there, make your way to the Strip’s entrance to receive another text. This time, you will need to meet Coil in Mataan. Complete the challenge at the Golden Statue to unlock Coil as a playable character.

Flesh Prince

Look for Flesh Prince in Mattan and copy his moves to unlock him. This unique character will bring his own style and abilities to your parkour adventures.


To unlock Frank, head to the top of Verdum Hills main Plaza. There, you will find Frank waiting for you. Complete the challenge he presents to you, and Frank will be added to your roster of playable characters.


Rietveld can be found near Frank’s hideout, specifically at the basketball court. Engage in a boss fight there and emerge victorious to recruit Rietveld. This character will bring a fresh perspective to your parkour gameplay.


Look for Futurism near the Gold Statue in Mataan. Complete the challenge she presents, and Futurism will be yours to unlock. Embrace her unique abilities and incorporate them into your parkour strategies.


To unlock DOT EXE, head to the Theater entrance. Engage in a challenge presented by DOT EXE and prove your skills. Once you succeed, DOT EXE will join your team as a playable character.

DJ Cyber

Grind the Millennium Square billboards to find DJ Cyber. Complete the challenge he provides to unlock him as a playable character. DJ Cyber’s skills and music-themed abilities will add a fresh twist to your parkour adventures.


Eclipse can be found in the Brink Terminal. Complete the task assigned by Eclipse to unlock this character. Embrace Eclipse’s unique playstyle and make the most of their abilities.

Devil Theory

Head to the second level of Pyramid Island to unlock Devil Theory. Engage in a challenging task, and once you complete it successfully, Devil Theory will become available as a playable character.


To unlock Oldhead, you must tag all graffiti locations in the game. Keep an eye out for these spots as you explore the world of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Once you have tagged them all, Oldhead will be unlocked and ready to join your team.

Felix & Red

You can unlock Felix and Red by meeting them on the dancefloor. Interact with them and complete any challenges they present to you. Once you prove your skills, Felix and Red will join your crew, adding their unique abilities to your parkour adventures.

Base & Jay

Base & Jay can be obtained by purchasing the DLC pack named “Base & Jay.” Once you have the DLC, these characters will be unlocked and ready to join your team. Enjoy their parkour skills and explore new possibilities with these additional characters.

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