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All Bomb Rush Cyberfunk map card locations guide

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you’ll find yourself immersed in the vibrant culture of a ragtag youth group, performing daring stunts on rollerblades, skateboards, or BMX bikes. As you explore the city, you’ll come across various collectibles scattered throughout the different locations. One of the most sought-after collectibles is the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk map card.

With each map card you collect, you’ll gain valuable information about the graffiti spots in the area, allowing you to paint over rival crews’ tags and establish your dominance in New Amsterdam.

Read on to find out Bomb Rush Cyberfunk map card locations.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk map card locations

Here’s the location of every map card in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: 

Versum Hill

The first map card can be found at Versum Hill. Look for it between two billboards and use a boost to jump onto one of them and collect the cartridge.

Millennium Square

The next map card is located on the edge of a red circle shape at Millennium Square. Jump on the shape and perform a dead loop to collect the map card. Note that this card is only available after completing the chapter with Eclipse.

Brink Terminal

At Brink Terminal, you’ll find the map card hanging in the air. To reach it, jump on the pedestrian bridge and climb to the roof of the bus stop. From there, it will be easy to jump and acquire the Brink Terminal graffiti map.

Millennium Mall

In Millennium Mall, the cartridge is located between square shapes with holes in the form of circles. You can reach it by using the turret that releases chains when you escape from the police or by climbing through the shops to a higher level and jumping onto the figure. Defeat the Dot Exe Crew to access this map card.

Pyramid Island

The map card at Pyramid Island is located right in the center, on top of the island. Use a boost and jump to reach it. Alternatively, stand on the red booster located below the map card, and it will propel you upwards. This cartridge will unlock after defeating DJ Cyber and completing the dream sequence in this chapter.


In Mataan, the map card hangs high above the ground. To reach it, climb the highway on the same level as the map card and jump on the horns of the big yellow bull’s head. Grind on them, then jump and boost to collect the cartridge. Complete all objectives in the Mataan location to gain access to it.


The final map card can be found at the Hideout. After completing the game, a short cutscene will show you its location. Jump on the cables and grind until you collect this map card. Once obtained, you’ll be able to find all the graffiti spots.

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