Bomb Rush Cyberfunk taxi locations - calling a Taxi

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk taxi locations

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an action-packed game where you take on the role of a graffiti artist in a vibrant, futuristic city. As you explore the open-world environment, you’ll come across various fast travel options, including the taxi system. Using taxis allows you to quickly move between different areas of the map, saving you time and effort. In this guide, we’ll focus specifically on the taxi locations in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and how to make the most of this convenient feature.

To access the taxi system, you’ll need to progress through the main story until you reach the Eclipse part. Once you’re in the central area of Millennium Square, interact with the taxi driver to start the quest. This will unlock the ability to use taxis throughout the game.

Read on to find out all the taxi locations in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

All Taxi Locations in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Now that you know how to unlock the taxi system, let’s explore each taxi location in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Remember, to summon a taxi, you’ll need to dance next to the Taxi sign. Let’s dive into the details of each location:


First up is the Hideout taxi location, situated in the central square. This taxi is conveniently located and easy to spot. Simply head to the Hideout and look for the Taxi sign.

Versum Hill

The next taxi location is in Versum Hill, near the area where the fight with Franks takes place. To reach this taxi stand, make your way to the upper part of the central square by following the stairs. Once there, you’ll find the Taxi sign in the middle of the square. 

Millennium Square

In Millennium Square, head to the bottom left corner of the central area and move forward, just below the main bridge. Before reaching the street, you’ll spot the next taxi stand.

Brink Terminal

To find the taxi stand at Brink Terminal, navigate to the edge of the map while following the main street. Keep an eye out for a person with a white globe for a head. Right next to this character, you’ll find the Taxi stand.

Millennium Mall

Once you’ve accumulated enough Rep to access the Millennium Mall area, head towards the middle, near the large redfish decoration. The Taxi sign will be clearly visible next to it.


To discover the taxi location in Mataan, one of the late-game areas, head to the bridge shown in the image above. While facing the main square and the center of the map, go left. On one side of the bridge, you’ll find the Taxi stand. 

Pyramid Island

The last taxi location can be found on Pyramid Island. Look for the cubicle with the pipe and start grinding without using any ladders. Once you reach the top of the pipe, head left, and you’ll spot the Taxi stand on your left hand.

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