Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - all outfits

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk all outfits – how to unlock them

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, players are tasked with exploring the vibrant city of New Amsterdam. As you navigate the five boroughs of this sprawling metropolis, you’ll come across numerous secrets and hidden treasures, including a wide variety of outfits for your character. In this guide, we’ll share details on how to unlock all outfits in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

These outfits not only add a stylish flair to your appearance but also unlock unique abilities and customization options. 

If you’re looking to find all the outfits in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, read on to know how to unlock them.

How to unlock all outfits in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Here’s how you can unlock every outfit in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

Versum Hill Outfits

  • Red ‘s Winter Outfit: In the center area of Versum Hill, look for a small alley next to the taxi stand once you finish chapter one. Overcome the gate obstacle, and you’ll spot the outfit waiting for you.
  • Red ‘s Autumn Outfit: Climb on top of the billboards in the central area of Versum Hill. You’ll notice four billboards arranged in a square formation. Between them, on a small platform, lies the Autumn Outfit for Red.
  • Rave ‘s Autumn Outfit: Leave the hideout in Versum Hill and follow the right wall while riding a bike. Eventually, you’ll come across a blue and yellow garage. Enter the garage to find Rave’s Autumn Outfit.

Millenium Square Outfits

  • Tryce ‘s Winter Outfit: Make your way to the rooftop near the tower of wallrides. You can reach this rooftop by wallriding the billboard and rail close to the entrance of Mataan.
  • Tryce ‘s Autumn Outfit: Look above the entrance to the Millenium Mall in Millenium Square. You’ll find Tryce’s Autumn Outfit perched on the rim.

Millenium Mall Outfits

  • Bel ‘s Autumn Outfit: Near the entrance to the Millenium Mall, look for a red mailbox. Complete the challenge associated with this mailbox to unlock Bel’s Autumn Outfit.
  • Shine ‘s Autumn Outfit: In the main area of the Millenium Mall, search for an upside-down rail between the third and fourth floors. Begin a wall ride on the third floor to access the rail and reach Shine’s Autumn Outfit.

Brink Terminal Outfits

  • Bel ‘s Winter Outfit: Locate a large missile silo in Brink Terminal. Drop down to a metal pillar or tower, and you’ll stumble upon Bel’s Winter Outfit.
  • Rave ‘s Winter Outfit: Across the street from Flip Grill, on top of the strip mall, you’ll find a small platform. Climb up to the platform to claim Rave’s Winter Outfit.
  • Mesh ‘s Winter Outfit: Complete the challenge from the yellow mailbox on the pier in Brink Terminal to obtain Mesh’s Winter Outfit.
  • Mesh ‘s Autumn Outfit: Head to the top of the big building overlooking the big bus terminal and the intersection in Brink Terminal. Look for Mesh’s Autumn Outfit on the edge of the roof.

Pyramid Island Outfits

  • Vinyl ‘s Winter Outfit: While exploring Pyramid Island, look for a red circle thing on the floor among the crates. This is a skateboard elevator. Use it to reach higher levels and find Vinyl’s Winter Outfit atop a pile of shipping crates.
  • Vinyl ‘s Autumn Outfit: Beneath the halfpipe on the third floor of Pyramid Island, you’ll notice a rail. This rail leads to Vinyl’s Autumn Outfit.
  • Shine ‘s Winter Outfit: Among the hanging crates in the big rail system on Pyramid Island, you’ll find a big cement mixer. Climb on top of it to discover Shine’s Winter Outfit.
  • Rise ‘s Autumn Outfit: While grinding inside the big pipe on Pyramid Island, look for a ladder that allows you to ascend and then drop through the pipe. As you’re falling, look for a small section of the pipe sticking out. Explore that section to find Rise’s Autumn Outfit.
  • Rise ‘s Winter Outfit: On the scientist’s floor of Pyramid Island, locate the ramp. Circle around it until you spot an orange toilet and a dumpster. The outfit will be waiting for you by the dumpster.

Mataan Outfits

  • Solace ‘s Winter Outfit: Head to the small island in the Mataan River and spot another outfit waiting for you. Use a skateboard to reach this island and claim Solace’s Winter Outfit.
  • Solace ‘s Autumn Outfit: Find a telephone pole that allows you to grind on wires alongside a skyscraper. After navigating a couple of tag spots, you’ll come across the new outfit.
  • Coil ‘s Autumn Outfit: In the Red Light District of Mataan, search for the pride flag. Enter the alley next to the flag and walk past some dumpsters to discover Coil’s Autumn Outfit.
  • Coil ‘s Winter Outfit: Locate the Golden statue in the main square of Mataan. Look at its hand and notice that it’s holding a new outfit. Travel by the statue’s collar to reach the outfit quickly.
  • Felix ‘s Autumn Outfit: Climb to the roof of the glass tower in Mataan to find Felix’s Autumn Outfit below you.
  • Felix ‘s Winter Outfit: While exploring the skyscrapers in Mataan, look for the helipads and a couple of big yellow cranes. Jump from a nearby building to collect Felix’s Winter Outfit, which will be hanging in the air.

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