Remnant 2 weapon tier list - the best ones Characters standing while holding guns

Remnant 2 weapon tier list – the best ones

Remnant 2 has a lot of great weapons that you can wield to destroy enemies. They are an important part of this game as the majority of the time you will be just gunning down waves of enemies to reach a certain objective. Thus, knowing how each of the weapons works and how much damage they delt becomes pretty valuable. However, you know what’s even more efficient? Exactly what you’re reading now a Remnant 2 weapon tier list, so you can decide for yourself.

This way, you will know what the majority of Remnant 2 players think the best weapons are in the game. It also makes your entire gameplay more structured and productive. Your approach to boss battles will change and in general, you have a more tranquil time taking down enemies.

So, let’s not wait around anymore, and here’s the Remnant 2 weapon tier list that you can refer to whenever you are confused about which weapon you should equip.

Remnant 2 weapon tier list - the best ones Character shooting at monsters

The best weapons in Remnant 2

The best weapons are surely Nightfall, Sorrow, and Nightshade. I think you agree with us. But still, here’s the tier list of best weapons:

  • S tier: Nightfall, Sorrow, Enigma, XMG57 Bonesaw, Spectral Blade
  • A tier: Nightshade, Feral Judgement, Royal Hunting Bow, Deceit, Hellfire, Twisted Arbalest, Chicago Typewriter, MP60-R, Merciless.
  • B tier: Huntress Spear, Labyrinth Staff, Sagittarius, Crossbow, Cube Gun, Dreamcatcher, Alpha/Omega
  • C tier: Atom Smasher, Red Doe Staff

All of these weapons are selected on the basis of their feel, power, practicality, and just how much fun they are to use. Furthermore, the effectiveness of each weapon will also depend upon your playstyle, so keep this in mind when choosing your primary weapon.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these weapons are of various types, so don’t select them blindly and make sure they work with your build. For example, Nightfall is a pretty OP weapon as it has a high DPS rate, however, some players might find it boring to use whereas the Spectral Blade is a melee weapon that you can use to decapitate enemies up close, but some players might not like this aspect.

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