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Derelict Distillery Dead Cells – how to beat, tips, tricks

The Derelict Distillery is a new biome in Dead Cells, added in the Barrels of Fun update. It is a barrel-and-bottle-strewn area that serves as an alternative path to High Peak Castle, the final level of the game. Let’s look at how to beat Dead Cells Derelict Distillery and all you need to know.

This new area is intended to add more variety and challenge to the late-game, and it is accessible once you have defeated the Hand of the King and unlocked the door to High Peak Castle.

Find out how you can beat the challenging Dead Cells Derelict Distillery with our tips and tricks guide.


How to beat Derelict Distillery in Dead Cells

Beating the Derelict Distillery requires a combination of skill, strategy, and luck. Here are some general tips to help you beat the level:

1. Stay alert

The Derelict Distillery is a challenging and unpredictable biome, so you’ll have to stay alert at all times. Watch out for enemies hiding among the barrels, and be careful when attacking explosive barrels. Keep an eye out for areas with toxic gas, and avoid them if possible.

2. Take your time

The Derelict Distillery is a large level, with many areas to explore and secrets to uncover. Take your time, and explore each area thoroughly. Look for breakable walls and hidden areas, as they can provide valuable loot and shortcuts.

3. Use the terrain to your advantage

The Derelict Distillery has a lot of verticality, with many areas that can only be accessed by jumping or grappling. Use this to your advantage, as it can be a great way to escape from dangerous situations or get the drop on enemies. Keep an eye out for breakable walls, as they can hide secret areas or provide shortcuts to other parts of the level.

4. Prioritize your targets

The Derelict Distillery can be overwhelming, with many enemies attacking you at once. Prioritize your targets, focusing on the most dangerous foes first. The Knife Throwers and Cannibals are particularly dangerous, so take them out as quickly as possible. Try to lure enemies into chokepoints, where you can attack them one at a time.

5. Use your weapons and abilities wisely

Dead Cells features a vast array of weapons and abilities, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Use your weapons and abilities wisely, and experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you. Be creative, and try out new tactics and strategies.

6. Learn from your mistakes

Dead Cells is a challenging game, and you will die many times before you beat it. Learn from your mistakes, and use each death as a learning opportunity. Figure out what went wrong, and try to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

The Derelict Distillery is a challenging biome filled with dangerous enemies and environmental hazards. The area features a unique aesthetic, with barrels and bottles strewn everywhere and toxic fumes filling the air. Watch your step all the way.

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