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Ruby key Dead Cells explained

Dead Cells, the popular action roguelike game, has recently released a new update called “The Everyone is Here Vol. II.” This update brings exciting new features, including the introduction of three new keys: the Emerald key, the Ruby key, and the Sapphire key. In this article, we will explore the Dead Cells Ruby key and what you might need it for.

Get all the necessary details about this mysterious item, including information on how to obtain it and the exciting rewards that come with it.

If you want to know about Dead Cells Ruby key, read on.

What is the Ruby Key in Dead Cells

The Ruby key serves a distinct purpose in Dead Cells and is one of the three keys (Emerald, Sapphire) that hold special significance. Collecting all three keys grants players the exciting opportunity to unlock a character from the popular game, Slay the Spire.

This character possesses four distinct skills: Barricade, Catalyst, Electrodynamics, and Foresight. Each skill offers a different playstyle, providing players with a variety of strategic options.

Let’s take a closer look at each skill:

  1. Barricade: This skill focuses on protection, allowing players to defend themselves from enemy attacks more effectively.
  2. Catalyst: With this skill, players can poison enemies, dealing damage over time and weakening their defenses.
  3. Electrodynamics: The Electrodynamics skill electrifies enemies, delivering powerful shocks that can stun or incapacitate them.
  4. Foresight: Foresight grants players the ability to foresee incoming attacks and dodge them, reducing the overall damage taken.

With such diverse skills at their disposal, players can adapt their playstyle to suit different challenges and enemy encounters.

How to obtain the Ruby Key

You can get the Ruby key by purchasing it from the food shop within the game. However, it comes with a hefty price tag of 10,000 in-game currency. Players must accumulate enough wealth to afford the Ruby key, making wise financial decisions and collecting resources along their journey.

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