Bramble the Mountain King characters explained

Bramble Mountain King characters giant with kid

Bramble: The Mountain King is a horror game that takes players on a journey through a thorny world full of fascinating and creepy monsters. In this guide, we will take you through all the Bramble the Mountain King characters.

Olle and his sister’s story takes place in stunning yet dangerous environments inhabited by creatures. While exploring this world, you’ll discover various monsters and encounter intriguing characters.

Some of them are friendly and adorable, while others probably want to kill you. Keep reading to find out who all the Bramble the Mountain King characters are.

List of all characters in Bramble the Mountain King 

From the adorable gnomes to the huge and terrifying creatures inspired by Nordic fairy tales, the game is full of interesting personalities. As you play, you’ll encounter all sorts of creatures, each with their own unique backstory and abilities. Here is the list of all the main characters:

  • Olle: The brave protagonist trying to find his sister.
  • Lillemore: Olle’s adventurous sister who leads him into dangerous forests.
  • Gnomes: Friendly creatures who live in the Gnome Forest.
  • Trolls: A Troll Giant kidnaps Olle’s sister.
  • Butcher Troll: A deadly boss monster Olle must defeat.
  • Lemus the Stone Giant: A friendly character who helps Olle and Lillemore.
  • Naeken: A deadly water spirit.
  • Tuva: A helpful character who heals and boosts your courage.
  • The Swamp Witch: A deadly character Olle must stop from completing a ritual.
  • Lyktgubbe: An ancient man who points Olle in the right direction.
  • Skogsra: A deadly forest spirit.
  • Nightmare/The Darkness: A creepy and deadly creature.
  • Mountain King: The final boss to beat.

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