How to promote Leader in State of Decay 2

How to promote Leader in State of Decay 2

Have you been caving in zombie brains with more savagery than The Walking Dead’s Neegan? Us too. But, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the open-world zombie survival game isn’t exactly beginner friendly, and you might be stuck wondering how to perform seemingly obvious actions like how to promote leader of your group of survivors to be in charge.

You can have all the survivors you want cooped up in that lavish base of yours, but if they don’t have direction, then the infighting and backstabbing is bound to start driving you crazy.

We’ve put this how to promote leader guide together to tell you how you can go about making one of your survivors the leader of the group in State of Decay 2. Read on below to find out how to perform this task.

How to promote Leader in State of Decay 2

To be able to promote someone to the position of leader in State of Decay 2, you have to first complete the “Who Should Lead” tutorial mission. Once you’ve completed the mission, you will then be able to choose a leader by opening the community tab via the menu or going to one of the beds in your base and selecting the State of Decay 2 logo. Then, select the community member you want to be the leader of.

You must first get a character to Hero standing in the community before you can choose them to be the group’s leader.

The leader position in State of Decay 2 is one that should be given a lot of thought. Each individual survivor will give their own set of bonuses to your base and group once they are made leaders. These bonuses can be seen on the community screen before making your decision, so take the time to read each one carefully to find the person who will benefit your camp the most.

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