The Sims 4 Critic career guide Character eating food

The Sims 4 Critic career guide

The Sims 4 has given you the option to choose the Critic career to pursue so you can use your Sim’s opinions to shake up the culinary and art world in the game. And your views are also regularly compensated for. But this journey is not that simple, so here’s a nifty The Sims 4 critic career guide.

Working as a critic has both perks and curses, however, if you plan your Sim’s day ahead and keep working on all of the prerequisite skills, then it is probably one the best careers in the game, least in terms of how much effort you put into it.

Anyways, enough waiting around, read on, and find out about this The Sims 4 critic career guide.

The Sims 4 Critic career guide Characters blowing bubbles

The Sims 4 Critic career guide explained

This career path was introduced with the City Living Expansion pack, however, just like any other job in the game you can always access it by going to the career panel and then by easily clicking on the Critic job option.

Generally, most players who prefer working from home will find this career option the most advantageous as you can get more work done with a lot less effort. Working from home also increases performance, when it comes to advancing in this career path.

You will have total control over Sim all the time, and the daily task from levels 1-3 would be practicing writing and then writing columns. For the latter task, your Sim may have to attend festivals or taste a couple of Bubble blower flavors before writing the column. Not only this, your Sim can respond to emails for receiving random moodlets.

Another convenient thing about the career is that the ideal mood is always going to be Inspired. When you reach level 4, your Sim can specialize between two separate branches, The Art critic or the Food critic.

The Sims 4 Critic career guide character working on the computer

The Art Critic Branch

When it comes to this branch, your Sim needs to have higher levels of writing, painting, music, or comedy to successfully reach the top. The daily tasks will usually be to review street performances or musical performances your Sim saw outside or write columns while working from home.

Keep an eye out for any performance going on around your Sim to get there to review it and get your name out.

The Sims 4 Critic career guide Character putting salt on food

The Food Critic Branch

To maximize your Sim’s performance as a Food critic, you will need to unlock the Gourmet Cooking skill and at least be on level 5 for regular Cooking. Generally, your daily task is to go to bars and restaurants and review their food and drinks.

Or you can stay at home and write columns. One great advantage of being a food critic is that you can increase the quality of food your Sim did not like, however, you can also praise or belittle a dish as well.

These were all of the important pieces of information you needed to know about the Critic career in The Sims 4. If you liked this, then read our other articles on The Sims 4 civil designer career guide and Is State of Decay 3 on PS5?