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The Sims 4 Detective career guide

If you are into investigating and solving crime, then this career path is perfect for you and your Sim. As with the Get to Work expansion pack, The Sims 4 has brought the Detective career option to the game. Thus, now you can vicariously live the life of a hard-boiled detective stuck in a 50s noir film through your Sim. And to act as your helper, here’s The Sims 4 detective career guide.

You will have to make your Sim use his wits and knowledge to solve cases and be observational at crime scenes. This career path truly opens up a life of constant action and suspense. So, to effectively make progress you have to always keep thinking about justice.

Now, it’s time to read on and find out about this helpful The Sims 4 detective career guide.

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The Sims 4 Detective career guide explained

You can easily start this career by going to the career panel menu. Once you do this you will realize that this is an active profession, so you will be going to the police station to work together with your Sim. The ideal mood for this career is Focused, so having the Genius trait is very useful.

Between Levels 1-4, you will get various daily tasks such as Actively participating in the work day of the Detective, Going to a Crime Scene, Going on Patrol, Interrogating a Suspect, and finally solving the case. However, keep in mind all of this is a step-by-step process.

You also have to keep your Sim in a positive mood, thus, having Good social trait is very useful and you should also get the Observant Reward as well. Finally, take Entrepreneurial for 2,000 points as it helps with your promotion.

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Analyzing the Crime Scenes and Finding the Suspect

When you are in a Crime Scene, try to observe your surroundings with a keen eye. Look for any object that is disrupting the scene in a negative way. Such as damaged things or objects that are in poor condition. Talk to every witness you can find and always remember to take photos of the crime scene.

Collect all of the evidence you are able to find and also look for Objects of Interest. Your Sim can also you the radar if you click on the ground, this is also helpful for finding clues. You can take witness reports which is important as it increases your chances of catching the culprit. Be sure to pause the game and look at all of the evidence you have collected.

Once you are satisfied with your crime scene analysis, you can go back to the police station and put all of your clues and evidence on a giant board. From there onward, you can start the process of solving the case. Furthermore, you can still go on to other crime scenes which are related to the same case.

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Making an arrest and interrogation

You can now issue an APB on a suspect and go to the crime scene where they can be arrested. Talk to people you think are the suspect, and always check out your notebook to check the descriptions. Having a deep conversation and looking at suspects to see what they are wearing and correlating that to the descriptions in the notebook is the best way to find the correct suspect. If you are truly sure you have found them, then it’s time to arrest them.

When you start the interrogation in the aptly named interrogation room, you will see a bar that indicates how close the suspect is to a confession. Now you can use the Good Cop Bad Cop routine or just simply show all of the evidence you have collected so far. Keep observing the Suspect’s mood and use that to your advantage to bring the confession out of them. If you are successful, then congratulations the case is now solved and closed.

This is the core gameplay loop for the Detective Career with plenty of exciting variations and cases. The more cases you solve and keep your Sim Focused, the more easily you level up. Once you reach level 10, you will become the chief detective and all the criminals will just shiver in fear by just hearing you Sim’s name!

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