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Appease the gnomes Sims 4 – how to do it

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The Sims 4 Seasons DLC focuses on the changing seasons and holidays to keep things interesting. In this guide, we will take you through how to appease the gnomes Sims 4.

Gnomes are a new addition to the game, and they show up for each holiday. To make them happy, you must give them an item from your in-game items menu. If you choose the right item, you’ll get packets of seeds. 

But beware – if you choose the wrong item, your Sim will be struck by lightning, we definitely don’t want that. Let’s find out which one you should choose to appease the gnomes Sims 4.

How to appease the gnomes in Sims 4

There are 12 gnomes in The Sims 4 game, each responding to different items, but overall to appease them you need to feed or give them Future Cube, Fruitcake, Toy, Salad, Pie, and Coffee. Below is a list of the gnomes and what they like:

  1. Happy Gnomiversary! – Likes Coffee, shows up in a tuxedo with a party horn and a slice of cake.
  2. There’s No Place Like Gnome – Likes Coffee, looks like a typical gnome wearing a red hat, blue shirt, and black boots.
  3. Gnome Matter What, I’m Still Your Baby – Likes Coffee, looks like the previous gnome but has its arms outstretched like a baby.
  4. Happy Gnome Garden Pal – Likes Coffee, looks cheerful and happy, holding its beard up on both sides of its face to show its smile.
  5. Strictly Business Gnome – Likes Coffee, wears a business suit with a red tie.
  6. Bearly Gnome – Likes Pie, shows up in a bear costume.
  7. Don’t Fear the Reagnomper – Likes Pie, wears a black shirt with a scythe.
  8. Poolside Gnome – Likes Pie, wears a blue and white striped bathing suit.
  9. Mr. Floppy the Gnome – Likes Salad, shows up in a bunny costume.
  10. Bare Essentials Gnome – Likes Toys, shows up entirely naked and censored.
  11. The Ghastly Ghostly Gnome – Likes Fruitcake, appears in the ghost form of a gnome.
  12. Guardian of the Gnomelaxy – Likes Future Cube, dressed in intergalactic clothing like an alien.

That concludes our guide on how to appease the gnomes in Sims 4. If you liked this guide, why not check out the best male hairstyles and How to get unlimited money