like a dragon ishin takechi how to find takechi inside his dojo in kyoto

How to find Takechi in Like a Dragon Ishin

Everyone loves a good Yakuza game, don’t they? What about a Yakuza game that takes you back in time to medieval Japan and allows you to fit with swords? Well, if you’re traipsing around Tosa, you’ll probably need to know how to find Takechi in Like a Dragon Ishin so that you can continue your journey across Japan.

You will need to know how to find Takechi in Like a Dragon Ishin before you can progress through the main quest. Meeting Takechi is required before as part of the storyline, and he will explain lots of lore surrounding your character, but it’s not straightforward how you meet him.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about locating the character in the map of Tosa so that you don’t spend ages just walking around.

How to locate Takechi in Like a Dragon Ishin

Talk to the man in front of Chitose Provisions. He’ll tell you the dojo where Takechi is located is in the part northeast of Tosa. Head there and the guard will refuse to let you in. Run back to the main street and go east towards the wooden gate. You’ll get into a fight with a group of ronin who are bullying a shopkeeper and claiming to be from takechi’s dojo. Defeat them and a cutscene will play where someone from the dojo sees your actions and this unlocks access to Takechi.

You can now run back to the dojo you previously visited and Takechi will ask the guard to let you through so that you can meet. Pay attention, because lots of lore and backstory is talked about here.

That’s everything you need to know about finding the character in Tosa. Read more of our Like a Dragon Ishin guides, like about map and places of interest, to read more tips and tricks on the Yakuza-inspired RPG game set in historical Japan.