Like a Dragon Ishin full walkthrough characters wearing kimonos

Like a Dragon Ishin full walkthrough, guides, tips and tricks

Back in the old days of the samurai, you have nothing to count on but your faithful katana and your honour. The latest title in the classic series by SEGA, brings you back to the old days of Japan, before the glory of Kamurocho and the glitzy streets of Tokyo. Our Like a Dragon Ishin full walkthrough aims to provide a helping hand for your journey into the ol city of Kyoto and in defeating the enemies that you will encounter. We are listing all of the guides we have on the game in one place, so that each section will come in handy if you get stuck.

Below, you’ll find every single guide we’ve written on the game with a link attached. Naturally, we are adding more and more guides to our Like a Dragon Ishin full walkthrough as time goes on, so be sure to check back for useful new information.

Without further ado, here are all the guides we’ve written so far:

Like a Dragon Ishin full walkthrough

Here are all the guides we have written on the game:

For now, that is our whole walkthrough. Hopefully, these will be of use as you are getting through Like a Dragon Ishin. Feel free to request more guides from Voxel Smash on our social media pages, we’ll be sure to provide you with help as soon as possible.

Like a Dragon Ishin will surely provide you many hours of fun, while also bringing the usual dramatic narrative beats that we’ve all come to love from the classic game. Be sure to have fun and stay safe.