like a dragon ishin pots a ceramic vase with an O on the front in the street

Like a Dragon Ishin pots and locations explained

The glitz and glamour of Yakuza’s Kamurocho have been traded in with the dirty streets of feudal Japan in Like a Dragon Ishin. Yakuza games are known for having lots of collectables found in gacha machines, and it’s no different this time around, except you’ll find them in the Like a Dragon Ishin pots rather than toy machines.

In fact, the Like a Dragon Ishin pots have some very rare materials that you’ll need to collect on your journey through medieval Kyoto, so you’ll want to keep your eyes open when you’re running around and slashing up your enemies.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know on how to find pots, their locations, how to use them, and what you might find in them.

Like a Dragon Ishin pots

How to find pots and their locations

The pots in Like a Dragon Ishin are small ceramic vases that are scattered around the game’s world. They have a large circle painted on the front, so keep your eyes out as you’re running around the streets of Kyo because pot locations are not marked on the map.

How to use pots and what they contain

To use a pot in Like a Dragon Ishin, simply approach it and press X/A. Saito will bend down and grab what’s inside. Inside pots, you will find various items. This includes rare crafting materials that can be used to upgrade your gear and weapons at a blacksmith. Once left for a while, each pot will actually respawn the materials inside, so make sure to go back time and time again to farm items for crafting.

That’s everything you need to know about the ceramic vases in the Sega RPG. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our other Like a Dragon Ishin guides such as how to find Kengoshi schoolhouse and inventory explained.