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Satisfactory Mac – can you play on Apple?

Factory simulation games have always taken this strange yet endearing spot in the gaming community with players spending countless hours playing them. However, Satisfactory always felt very different and unique due to its blend of other genres along with factory building. Thus, as more players are picking up this game, some of them may wonder: Can you play Satisfactory on Mac or Apple devices?

This is a game that combines 3D first-person shooting and exploration with complex factory building, meaning, it caters to both the mainstream and esoteric sensibilities. And as we live in a time of mass consumption, it is inevitable that there is a vocal majority of players who would like to know: Can you play Satisfactory on Mac or Apple devices?

Therefore, it is now time to answer this highly requested question. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

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Can you run Satisfactory on Mac/Apple?

The short answer is no, currently, you cannot play Satisfactory on Mac or any other Apple-supported device. The main reason for this is that as Satisfactory contains a lot of content that needs high system requirements, therefore, Windows suits this game the best. The developers themselves have also stated that they currently only want to focus on improving and updating the Window version of the game.

However, there are several workarounds gamers have found out if you really want to play this game on a Mac. But these methods are unofficial and not recommended, so if you are planning to use these methods to play Satisfactory on your Mac then do it at your own risk.

One of the more popular workarounds would be to utilize Boosteroid – a cloud-gaming platform. This is an interesting method as Boosteroid lets you play a wide variety of games on your Mac by running them from your browser. So technically you actually don’t need to game on your machine.

You can even download Windows on your Mac and run Satisfactory that way, however, this method is a lot more tedious and time-consuming.

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