Satisfactory lizard doggo - how to find and tame Creature sitting on the ground

Satisfactory lizard doggo – how to find and tame

Satisfactory’s Lizard Doggo is a pet that players can have in the game. This creature’s behavior is no different than a dog, although visually as its name suggests, it looks more like a weird giant lizard. In any case, its cuteness does make it a heavily sought-after pet in the game, and many players may not know about the Satisfactory Lizard Doggo – how to find and tame them.

These extra-curricular aspects of Satisfactory make it a way more interesting game to play. At least when compared to other factory simulation games, it gives players more options to explore and interact with the world in different ways. And it’s always good to have a companion in an alien world, so knowing about the them is pretty advantageous.

Read on and find out everything you need to know about the Satisfactory Lizard Doggo – how to find and tame them in the game.

Satisfactory lizard doggo - how to find and tame Creature standing still

How to turn the Lizard Doggo into a pet in Satisfactory?

Most of the time Lizard Doggo can be found in grassy biomes and to tame a Lizard Doggo, you just have to slowly get closer to them and then stand still. You need to now wait for the Lizard Doggo to turn around and look at you.

Once this happens, drop Paleberry on the ground for Lizard Doggo to eat. Remain still and don’t move at all, while our friend Lizard Doggo is eating the Paleberry. After Lizard Doggo eats the berry, you can interact with it and if it jumps then this is a clear sign that the cute little thing is indeed now tamed.

Try not to run near the Lizard Doggo and when you are dropping the Paleberry on the ground, try only dropping one as the Lizard Doggo does not eat more than one. If you think you made some kind of mistake during the taming process and the Lizard Doggo is not jumping or smiling, then just walk away from it and then come back and do the entire process again from the start.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Lizard Doggo even after being tamed may forget about you. This generally happens when you are too far away from them. So, make sure you keep it in a pen.

This was everything you needed to know about taming a Lizard Doggo in Satisfactory. If you want to read more guides on video games then please check out Final Fantasy 16 Breaker of Worlds location and Bomb King location Final Fantasy 16.