Final Fantasy 16 bomb king

Bomb King location Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 is an exciting game filled with challenging quests and enemies. One such enemy is the Bomb King, a fiery ball with explosive abilities. In this guide, we share details on Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King location and how to defeat him in the game.

The Bomb King is one explosive foe who boasts a fiery, ball-shaped body and ranks as a B-Notorious Mark, making it a prized target for adventurers.

Read on to know the Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King location and what you can do to find the Bomb King.

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King location

The Bomb King can be found in an area called The Crock, located within the Sanbreque region of Final Fantasy 16. However, before you can track down this formidable target, you must first complete the main story quest known as “Weird Science.” 

This mission can be initiated after having a conversation with Moogle and Nekhtar in the hideaway. Once you have activated the quest, the Bomb King will then become available as an active target on the Hunt board for you to hunt down.

Bomb King location Final Fantasy 16

Once you have completed the quest, you will need to head towards The Crook to find the Bomb King. To reach that place, you must head towards the southeast until you reach The Imperial Chase. You will then need to take a left and continue down the narrow path that goes to The Bomb King’s ruins. Upon reaching the ruins, you will be able to find The Bomb King.

After defeating the Bomb King, players will receive various valuable rewards, including 9000 Gils, 65 Ability Points, 1000 XP, 20 Renown, and a Bomb Ember. Combining the Bomb Ember with a Grimalkin Hide can create Excalibur, which ranks as one of the most potent weapons in Final Fantasy 16.

So, not only is defeating the Bomb King a great achievement, but it also provides players with a range of valuable rewards and opportunities to enhance their gameplay experience.

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