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Best Xbox games November 2022 – our picks for new releases

Want to find out the best Xbox games of November 2022? We Voxel Smashers love our Xboxes. The pad is comfortable in the hand and Game Pass means we’re never without anything new to play. Modern Warfare 2 has also dropped and it means we’re absolutely spoiled for choice.

We’ve put together this handy list of all the best Xbox games releasing in November 2022 so that you know what’s on the horizon and what to mark down on your calendars. There will even be some games you have forgotten all about, no doubt.

So, strap yourself in and peruse all Voxel Smash’s best picks for new games coming out this month.

Best Xbox games November 2022

Here are all the best Xbox games releasing in November 2022:

Those are all of the best Xbox games being released this month. Which ones do you plan on playing? Let us know on our socials. From crazy games like Goat Simulator 3 that has you take control of a naughty goat on a rampage to the grimdark future of the Warhammer 40K universe, there are some absolute bangers dropping in November. Some of these will be on Game Pass, while others will have to be bought separately, but there’s no shortage of amazing titles to grab and slap into that disc drive.

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