Palia Maji Market explained - time, location, items, and more Characters looking at fireworks

Palia Maji Market explained – time, location, items, and more

The recent Palia update has finally added the highly anticipated Maji Market and many other things. This update is Palia’s first event update, and the devs have made it clear that there will be more in the future. For now, let us understand more about the Maji Market in Palia.

This market comes with several new features. Furthermore, this update also marks Palia’s first-ever update that has brought a new location with it. The devs are still actively expanding this game for their fanbase, and hopefully, this does not stop anytime soon.

Keep reading to learn more about the Maji Market in Palia and its, time, location, and items it features.

Palia Maji Market explained - time, location, items, and more Character running through a market

When to visit Maji Market in Palia?

Although you can visit Maji Market at any time of the day, the festivities will only be available from 6 PM to 3 PM Palia time. The Maji market event will stay available from August 29th to September 26th.

But where is it located, you may ask.

Where to find Maji Market?

The Maji Market event is happening in the fairgrounds, located southeast of Whispering Banks and east of Fisherman’s Lagoon. The entire market will be filled with decorative lanterns, so it is hard to miss.

Maji Market items to buy and get

There are over 50 prizes, treats, and souvenirs in the market. Most shops will sell Chapaa merch, so if you like that animal, you will love being here. There is also a firework shop with unique fireworks and Chapaa-branded food items such as Chapaa Ice Pops.

Maji Market minigames to play

The main mini-game you can play in this market is The Chaapa Chase. This is a competitive activity, involving you and other players catching Chapaas. The player who catches the most Chaapas will be at the top of the leaderboard. However, the most important aspect of this mini-game is the tickets you get for catching Chapaas.

You can use these reward tickets to buy Chapaa plushies, and you have plenty of options. If you are a grinder, then remember to come to the market at midnight, it is generally the time when this mini-game is active.

Palia Maji Market explained - time, location, items, and more Character talking to another character about a quest

Maji Market quests

There are two new quests given by Kenyatta. The first one is pretty simple as she requests the player to bring her a dish from Reth’s Street Specialities Shop in Maji Market.

The second quest involves catching five runaway Chapaas. The area where you can find them will be marked on your map. You can do this quest even when the event is not active. Completing these two quests will reward you with a Maji Market poster and a cart. These items can be placed in your housing plot.

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