Blasphemous 2 unfinished lullaby - Character is searching the lullaby pages

Blasphemous 2 unfinished lullaby – locations and how to beat

In Blasphemous 2, your mission is to save the land of Cvstodia from its twisted fate. Along your journey, you will encounter various quests, each offering valuable rewards and adding depth to the captivating storyline. One such quest is the Unfinished Lullaby, assigned by a mysterious NPC known as the Mother. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Blasphemous 2 Unfinished Lullaby quest.

The quest revolves around collecting scattered pages of a haunting melody known as the Lullaby of White Shore. These pages are spread throughout the vast and treacherous world of Cvstodia, each holding a clue to the next location. Your task is to find all the pages and present them to the Mother, enabling her to complete the song and bring peace to her sleeping child. 

Let’s embark on this emotional journey together, and find out how to beat the Blasphemous 2 Unfinished Lullaby quest.

How to start the Unfinished Lullaby quest in Blasphemous 2

To initiate the Unfinished Lullaby quest, you must first locate the Mother and the Sleeping Child within the Profundo Lamento area. In this dark and mysterious place, turn left from the Prie Dieu room and proceed straight ahead.

You will eventually reach a square room where the Mother and Sleeping Child reside. These enigmatic characters do not speak, but their quest begins when you interact with them.

Finding the Lullaby Pages

The quest for the Unfinished Lullaby is not an easy one. You must search for five scattered pages that hold the key to completing the song. Each page provides a clue to the next location, guiding you on your journey. Let’s explore the locations of these pages and unravel the secrets they hold.

Lullaby Page 1

The first page of the Unfinished Lullaby can be found inside the Sacred Entombments. Journey to this eerie location and head towards the upper section. Keep a keen eye out for a hidden corner on the right side. Strike the wall in this corner to reveal a small alcove. Enter the alcove and discover the first Lullaby Part.

Lullaby Page 2

Continue your quest by venturing into the Crown of Towers. As you reach this towering structure, you will encounter a bell. Strike the bell and witness a sequence unfold. Proceed to the left and traverse along the corridor until you reach a lantern. Striking the lantern will activate a mechanism, opening a gate below you. Jump down and utilize the mirrors in the vicinity to perform a series of jumps, ultimately reaching the second Lullaby Part.

Lullaby Page 3

The third page of the Unfinished Lullaby can be found in the Mother of Mothers area. Ring the bell in this sacred place to unveil a hidden room. Within this room lies the next piece of the haunting melody.

Lullaby Page 4

Your quest continues in the Basilica of Absent Faces. To access this location, you must first defeat three Regret bosses. Once inside, head upwards until you come across a platform on the right side. Here, you will find the fourth Lullaby Part. But take care, since two paintings in this area will come to life and attack you. Defeat them before claiming your reward.

Lullaby Page 5

The final page of the Unfinished Lullaby awaits you in The Sewered Tower. Ascend this tower. Upon reaching a square room, you will notice a Blue Chain. Break the chain and pass through the hole in the wall. On the other side, the last part of the Unfinished Lullaby will be within your grasp.

Completing the Quest: Presenting the Lullaby to the Mother

Once you have gathered all five pages of the Unfinished Lullaby, they will transform into the completed Lullaby of the White Shore. Return to the Mother and the Sleeping Child within the Profundo Lamento area. Engage in conversation with the Mother and present her with the completed lullaby. As she sings the Lullaby of the White Shore to her child, a sense of tranquility will fill the air. Congratulations, you have completed the Unfinished Lullaby quest!

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