Palia tools - how to get and upgrade them Character looking at a glowing scroll

Palia tools – how to get and upgrade them

As Palia focuses a lot on crafting and building your own equipment, having the proper tools at your disposal becomes an important part of the gameplay. Moreover, one of the major reasons why players have been so excited to play this game is the chill and cozy grinding mechanics Palia has introduced. But if you don’t know anything about the tools all of your efforts will be futile. So, here’s how you can acquire and upgrade tools in Palia.

With the help of the tools, you will be able to explore the world of Palia to your heart’s content. They are tools that you can use to interact with the environment and collect important resources for your progress. Without them, the game will not only just break but you will just be bored. Bored out of your mind.

So, keep reading and find out about how you can acquire and upgrade tools in Palia, and hopefully, you can experience Palia in its peak form.

Palia tools - how to get and upgrade them Character using the workbench

Palio tools and upgradation explained

There are seven main tools that you are going to use in Palia and it covers almost all of the skills available in the game. You can acquire them for free at the beginning of the game. You will get each of the main tools from NPCs called the Friendly Faces.

The following are all of the seven tools and their corresponding skills:

  • Belt: Bug Catching
  • Water Bucket and Hoe: Gardening
  • Workbench: Furniture Making
  • Axe: Foraging
  • Pickaxe: Mining
  • Fishing Rod: Fishing
  • Bow: Hunting

There are multiple additional tools that are required when it comes to cooking in the game and you unlock these tools such as Campfire, Oven, and Stove as you level up.

As you get all of the main tools at the beginning, your goal is now to upgrade these items. To do this, you need to reach higher levels in all of the skills and unlock recipes. Then use these recipes to upgrade your tools. Normally, except for cooking and farming, you need to progress through three levels at a time to unlock a new recipe.

This way, not only will you be able to work more efficiently, but you will also be able to get certain items that are locked behind higher skill levels. Thus, you can start the upgrading process as soon as possible.

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