Remnant 2 Tranquil Heart - how to get it Character looking at a giant monster

Remnant 2 Tranquil Heart – how to get it

Having Relics in your inventory with you all the time is really important if you don’t want to constantly die in Remnant 2. This way, resource management influences the gameplay a lot and the devs have made sure to incentivise this feature as much as possible. So, choosing the right relic for your playstyle becomes pretty valuable. So, to help you out, this article will talk about one of the most useful relics you can have in this game. Here’s how you can find Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2.

When it comes to healing, Tranquil Heart is one of the best Relics out there. Thus, knowing where to find it will give you a huge boost and make every battle you pick more fun and bearable. Not constantly dying does that, you know.

In any case, keep reading ahead and find out how you can find Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2 and use it to keep your health in check.

Remnant 2 Tranquil Heart - how to get it Character talking to an giant entity

Here’s how you find Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2

To get the Tranquil Heart you need to craft it with the help of Nimue, and to do that you will need a Tormented Heart. So, follow the steps below to find this item first:

  • Get the Override Pin from a tower at the Timeless Horizon of the N’Erud world.
  • Remember to not use the Override Pin till you reach the Tormented Asylum in Morrow Parish.
  • Explore this area and you will find the Nightweaver’s Web
  • Just give the Override Pin to the web and you will receive Tormented Heart.

Do not use the Override Pin for any other quest if you want the Tormented Heart. You can also reroll your campaign if any of the areas mentioned above are not available. Now that you have the Tormented Heart, travel to Nimue’s Retreat in Losomn. Speak to her and you will be able to craft a Tranquil Heart.

This Relic is going to be very advantageous as it grants 2 Health Regeneration per second passively and when used, doubles All Health Regeneration for 15s. Making it perfect for the Support Healer Build, so you can survive.

We have now come to the end of this quick guide. Hopefully, you were able to find the Tranquil Heart and if you liked what you read, then please check out our other content such as Remnant 2 Nimue crafting guide and Fire Emblem Engage Chloe – how to recruit.