disney speedstorm release date sonald duck standing by his racing car looking smug

Disney Speedstorm release date, trailer, and gameplay details

Fans of racing games like Mario Kart will want to pay attention to the Disney Speedstorm release date. It promises to bring all the fun Mario Kart is known for, but adds in Disney and Pixar characters for those that can’t get enough of animated movies.

There’s a ton of newly announced content to explore for the game, so we’ve put together a guide that will give you all the latest information we know on the animated racing game so that you don’t have to go hunting it down piecemeal.

Below, you’ll find the Disney Speedstorm release date, trailer, and all the gameplay information we currently have on the game.

Disney Speedstorm release date

Disney Speedstorm is April 18, 2023. The game will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. The racing game was originally slated for a 2022 release, but the game was delayed.

April 18, 2023 is the early access release date for the new racing game from Disney and Pixar, and it suggests that the game will have lots of additions to characters and tracks as they develop the game further, as it isn’t being released in its complete state.

Disney Speedstorm trailer

The Disney Speedstorm trailer shows some of the wacky racing gameplay we’ll be getting our hands on soon, including tracks that flip upside down. If you’d rather see gameplay of Disney Speedstorm, then you can find the trailer below.

Disney Speedstorm gameplay details

We know that Disney Speedstorm will have characters from the Disney and Pixar movies. We know that characters like Mickey Mouse, Sully, The Beast, and Donald Duck will be playable racers.

Each character will have unique racing skills, which means that what character you pick will have a real-world impact on the gameplay. This includes skills that let you ram opponents out of the way and gain a lead in the race.

You can race in single-player or multiplayer in Disney Speedstorm, so you can gather your friends for some online fun. Split screen multiplayer is also shown in the release date trailer for the game (which you can find above), so you will likely be able to play the game multiplayer on one screen. That’s particularly helpful for Nintendo Switch players who want to take the game on the go with them.

That’s everything we know about when Disney Speedstorm is coming out, all the gameplay details we know about the game, and the trailer so you can see it in action. If you like city building, then why not find out when the Cities Skylines 2 release date is?