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Broken Timepiece Remnant 2 – how to find it

If you want to improve at Remnant 2, then upgrading your weapons and armor is a must. Thankfully, this game provides you with a lot of variety when it comes to crafting material that you can find and collect. This creates a sense of personal touch into whatever weapons players decide to upgrade, moreover, this also helps in building a certain type of playstyle that is suited for you. And among the crafting material you can find, Broken Timepiece is Remnant 2 is probably the more interesting one. So, here’s how you can find it.

This watch also looks pretty strange and it may have its origin outside of Earth’s time. Let’s be honest here, this aspect makes this item even more worthwhile to have. But it’s not that easy to find as you have to put in some effort.

Thus, keep reading and find out how you can find Broken Timepiece in Remnant 2, and use it to increase the power of your weapons.

Broken Timepiece Remnant 2 - how to find it Character walking towards an elevator

Here’s how you can find Broken Timepiece in Remnant 2

To find the Broken Timepiece you have to complete the Clock Tower event at Losmn. The following are all of the steps you need to follow to complete this quest:

  • When coming back from the Lemark District go to the Hewads Clock. From there just move north and you will find the Clock Tower.
  • Go inside the Clock Tower, and you will find a broken elevator. You have to climb up from the outside, by passing through the windows.
  • Eliminate some enemies and open chests. The more you climb up, the more you will understand the story of the Clock Tower.
  • You will then finally find a chest with Timekeeper’s Jewel and Cracked Stamina Cost at the top. Near it, there will be a small switch, which fixes the elevator and activates it.
  • The big machinery can be interacted with but you need to have the Clockwork Pinion.
  • To get the Clockwork Pinion, you need to travel back to Lemark District. Then, enter the time the clock tower is displaying into a clock located inside a room filled with many other clocks.
  • Go back to the top of Clock Tower and activate the small switch near the chest.
  • Interacting with the handle will restart the clock and the Broken Timpiece will drop from one of the clocks.

This is how you basically get this item. There a quite a few things you have to remember, so make sure you are well equipped. Moreover, once you get this crafting material, you will be able to craft the Time Lapse weapon mod.

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