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Saints Row vehicles – how to unlock

Ah yes, the joys of stealing vehicles in games, isn’t that the best feeling ever? Just looking at a car you’d like to drive, press a button, get the driver out of the way and drive to your heart’s content. But sometimes, vehicles are not enough, so we are here to help you with that problem Saints Row vehicles problem.

Honestly, it wouldn’t really be a Saints Row game without a smorgasbord of wacky weapons, loads of different vehicles to st- ehm, we mean, to drive around and a whole truckload of crazy missions to complete. But, how can you even complete said missions if you haven’t gone a solid set of wheels to move around? That’s impossible, bro.

So, without further, we’d like to give you a few pointers to help you in your vehicle quest and to never be left again without crazy and fun Saints Row vehicles to drive.

Saints Row vehicles

As mentioned, the main method to obtain vehicles in Saints Row is stealing or carjacking. Then, once you’re comfortably sitting in the driver’s seat, you can drive that car or bike to your HQ and, by parking them in your garage spots, they’ll be forever part of your collection. Alternatively, it is also possible to take your cars to JimRob’s garage, which is unlocked by completing the main story missions.

But, we hear you ask, what if I want more rare vehicles and strange stuff to drive? Well, in that case, you’d have to play a bit more story and side missions, then once you’re behind the wheel just repeat the process above: drive to your HQ or to the garage. Alternatively, it is possible to find some strange stuff driving around the world’s map, but in that case, you’ll have to get lucky as there is no magic trick to find them.

Hope this was helpful to you in your quest for more rare cars, otherwise, you might want to check more of our other Saints Row guides. Also, why not take a look at other beautiful cars in Forza Horizon 5?