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Atomic Heart robot twins name – who are the women?

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Atomic Heart is an upcoming FPS role-playing video game developed by Mundfish. It is due to be published by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity. The trailer was released recently, and players are wondering how the women are. Let’s find out who are the Atomic Heart robot twins!

The game combines FPS and action role-playing elements and is planned for release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 21st, 2023. Combat involves shooting and slashing with improvised weapons.

Much-awaited by the fans due to the trailer, Atomic Heart is already making a splash in the gaming community. If you’re curious about who the Atomic Heart Robot Twins are, we’ve got you covered!

Who are the Atomic Heart robot twins?

The game features a large open world where players must battle hordes of robots, including the Robot Twins. They seem to be advanced humanoid robots with feminine appearance. Sechenov, the scientist, uses them as personal security. They are equipped with lethal technology. We see them in the Atomic Heart Gamescon 2022 combat trailer, where they connect in a sexualised manner, one producing a connector from its head and inserting it into her companion’s stomach. They then produce two identical weapons.

Unfortunately, the names of these mysterious women aren’t revealed yet, but the public can only hope. The devs will probably release them in a later trailer. Until then, let’s learn a bit more about the game! 

Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate universe with the Soviet Union. In this timeline, the USSR defeated Nazi Germany in 1941 due to early advances in robotics. The miraculous tech behind this victory is Polymer, invented by scientist Dmitry Sechenov. This sparked a robotic revolution, with robots and humanoid automatons becoming commonplace.

The game begins in 1955, with Sechenov launching Colleciv 2.0, nicknamed Thought. This links human consciousness with the Collectiv AI via an implant, allowing people to access superhuman learning capabilities. But things go wrong and robots overrun Sechenov’s research base, Facility 3826. Major Nechaev AKA “P-3” is sent to deal with the situation.

We can’t wait to learn more when Atomic Heart releases on the 21st of February! Hopefully, before then, we will come to know the names of the Atomic Heart robot twins. In the meantime, why not check out the Dead Space remake impossible mode rewards, or where to find One Piece Odyssey wootz steel bolt?