Atomic Heart testing ground 8 explained enter the room with a chest

Atomic Heart testing ground 8 explained

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The Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart offer a challenging, puzzle-filled experience that combines various game mechanics. In this guide, we will show you how to access Atomic Heart testing ground 8.

Each Testing Ground will reward you with rare loot, so you definitely want to take a look at those to get some good stuff.

So, if you’re wondering how to access Atomic Heart testing ground 8, follow this guide!

How to access testing ground 8 in Atomic Heart

The Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 is located in the Computational Center. However, you cannot access it until you have explored the VDNH and started the Bugs in the System quest, which unlocks the building. Once you are on that quest, you can take an elevator down to Scientific Testing Center 8.

Upon exiting the elevator, proceed straight ahead to find an office with some loot. Continue past the elevator and take a left to reach the Breakroom, where you can rest if necessary. At the end of the hall, take another left to find more loot in a separate room. Proceed toward the music to enter the first puzzle.

First, use Shok on the ceiling magnets. This will change them to red. You’ll then see some handholds to climb straight ahead. You can either climb closer by using the handholds on the right, or make a dash jump for the two handholds that are straight ahead in the picture. Either way, reach the handholds at the center of the picture.

Next, turn left and grab onto the handhold behind you. On the last handhold, move to the right, then turn around and leap onto the blue platform. Leap off the blue platform and land on the solid wall. You should be able to sprint jump to the platforms close to the escape door if you follow the wall to the right. Use Shok on the ceiling magnets once more to shift them if a wall is in your way.

Go forward and then make a right turn to the Comrade Lootyakin music. The Bronze Comrade Lootyakin, which has the Zvezdochka – Additional Saw Upgrade, will be in front of you. Turn around and head to the right from the Bronze Comrade Lootyakin to uncover an office space with multiple cabinets to scavenge and a chest filled with crafting supplies.

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