A Goblins' Dilemma Chained Echoes walking around

A Goblin’s Dilemma Chained Echoes – how to solve the quest

Everyone loves goblins, right? I mean it was one of the more clicked words of last year, we all love the little green weir- wait, what? Oh that’s a different thing, alright. Well, anyway we are here to help everyone who is having trouble with the A Goblin’s Dilemma Chained Echoes quest. Read on to find out how to solve it.

First of all, you can undertake this quest only after solving the Ruins Under a Tree, so make sure to address that one first. After you’ve finished it, you can come back and travel to the crystal in Rohlan Fields to find the goblin who needs help.

There’s a few things to do to help said goblin, so let’s not waste any more time and find out how to solve A Goblin’s Dilemma Chained Echoes quest.

How to solve the A Goblin’s Dilemma Chained Echoes quest

After approaching the goblin tied to a tree, you want to head to Basil, exit to the east and follow the path up to the marks on the ground. Now continue to Jan’s house and watch the cutscenes, which will allow you to continue to the Goblin Village, which is near Ograne Grottos (bottom crystal). From there, head north, then go east at the fork and continue along until you reach the goblins.

The Goblin Village

Unfortunately, we can’t understand what the green people are saying, so instead approach the cauldron in the middle. Near it, you’ll find a bottle you can use, and drink it. Head north, then, heading right until you see the blue mushrooms up ahead. Continue through them, in the chests, you’ll find both Magic Poleyns and Hall. Return to the village and head to the tent to speak with the head honcho.

Head back to Jan’s house and find the goblins attacking, but then the chief will appear to explain the terrible truth. After that, defeat the goblins in yet another battle and, after that, we can speak to Jan to finish the quest. The fights aren’t necessarily difficult, but get ready because the goblins tend to have their health recharged a lot.

That’s it to solve the quest, which is not really difficult, just needs a little bit of patience in navigating around. Still, if you need more help in the Chained Echoes quests be sure to check out our other Chained Echoes guides.