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The Sims 4 astronaut career guide

Sometimes you just want to send your Sim to space, so why not also get paid for it? Sims 4 Get to Work expansion surely brought this dream job into the game as players can make their Sim an astronaut. This career path although very exciting is still very different from any other jobs in the game, so to help you out we created this The Sims 4 astronaut career guide.

The astronaut career path requires a lot of effort and working long shifts while keeping your Sim’s mood positive. They will even get their own spaceship as you make progress in this career path.

So, to help your Sim out a little, keep reading on and enjoy this The Sims 4 astronaut career guide.

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Becoming an astronaut in The Sims 4

To start this career, you first have to select it from the career panel. The ideal mood for this career path begins with Focused but soon it changes to Energized. So, it is better to keep both of these two moods in check.

You will also get a free spaceship, however, you still need to spend $1000 to upgrade it and make it actually functional. Make sure to keep doing your daily tasks such as playing chess or looking through the telescope. This way your Logic skill will always stay sharp.

Furthermore, you need to keep improving your Fitness skill as well so that once the ideal mood becomes Energized, you will not have a hard time transitioning from being Focused. This change generally happens at level 4.

When it comes to the promotion aspect in this career mode, after reaching level 7, this career branches out into two different paths: Space Ranger and Interstellar Smuggler.

The Sims 4 astronaut career guide Character fixing rocket

Choosing the Space Ranger career branch

Again for this branch, you have to keep your Sim Energized at higher levels and the best way to keep it up would be by drinking and making the Space Energy Drink. You can also get a physics degree to boost your levels.

This is perfect for boosting your performance and letting your Sim have more time to do space missions. Both your Rocket Science and Fitness levels also need to be at least around level 4 and level 10.

The Sims 4 astronaut career guide character standing in front of a rocket ship

Choosing the Interstellar Smuggler career branch

In this career branch, the main goal is to provide your Sim with a positive outlook during long working hours. You will get access to The Alien Juice Drink recipe, which will definitely give your Sim a random positive Moodlet after drinking it.

The ideal mood is again Energized for this branch as well. And also just like the space ranger, both your Rocket Science and Fitness level need to be at least around level 4 and level 10.

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