The Sims 4 athlete career guide Character using the computer

The Sims 4 athlete career guide

Starting the athlete career in The Sims 4 is pretty fun and exciting as your Sim will go through all of the interesting stages to keep their fitness at the peak level. This way you can see your Sim achieve amazing physical feat and exercise daily to maintain their health. But to effectively maximize your performance, you will definitely need this The Sims 4 athlete career guide.

Getting paid to stay fit is a pretty lucrative career choice and also very useful for your Sim as well. They just need to make sure they are regularly exercising and not cutting corners when it comes to their physical condition.

In any case, keep reading on and find out about this The Sims 4 athlete career guide.

The Sims 4 athlete career guide Character boxing

Athlete Career in Sims 4 explained

Like any other jobs present in The Sims 4, you can access the athlete career through the career panel or the business section on your phone.  When you start this career path, you will begin at level 1 with the job title of Waterperson. During this stage, your Sim’s main goal would be to keep working out, to keep your Sim fit as a fiddle.

Make sure your Sim owns fitness equipment like a treadmill for training, however, if this is not the case then you can just make them go for an Energized jog. The main skills required for good performance and progress are Fitness and Charisma, therefore keeping your Sim’s Confident and Energized high is a must.

For the first 4 levels, your Sim’s main task will be to work out, and the moment your reach level 5, you will have to choose between either specializing as a Professional Athlete or a Bodybuilder.

The Sims 4 athlete career guide Character looking at a screen

The Professional Athlete Specialization Branch

This branch is a pretty standard extension of the basic Athlete career you’ve been doing till now. However, the daily task is different as now you have to study your opponents through your computer. The ideal mood is again Energized which you can keep up with brisk showers.

This is the perfect career branch for players who want a stable income for their Sim. Most players also choose this career branch as they don’t have to leave the house to go to the gym.

The Sims 4 athlete career guide A lot of characters working out in the gym

The BodyBuilder Specialization Branch

The ideal mode for this branch is Confident and your Sim will also get the ability to mentor in fitness a little earlier. Your daily tasks would also be to mentor fitness and work out at the gym. The best part about this branch is the low working hours, so you will have more downtime to pursue other activities.

These were all of the major points you need to remember about pursuing an Athlete career in The Sims 4. If you liked this, then read our other articles such as How many chapters in Fire Emblem Engage explained and Satisfactory mercer sphere explained – what is it?