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The Sims 4 business career guide

If you are a player who loves to make money then the business career in The Sims 4 is the perfect job for you as it not only provides tasks that focus on management and relationship building but is also pretty lucrative. But new players may find it difficult to adjust to this career path, especially because of all of the prerequisite skills your Sim need, so to help them out we have created this The Sims 4 business career guide.

Taking on a business career in this game can become easily grueling for you due to all of the tasks, so having a handy guide that talks about all the important stuff related to this career is pretty useful.

So, keep on reading and enjoy this The Sims 4 business career guide that will surely help you out in the long run.

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The Business Career in Sims 4 Explained

Go to your business section on your phone or the career panel menu to start your business career. The primary two skills required for the daily tasks in this career are Logic and Charisma. 

Thus, the ideal mood will be Focus and Confident, which you can constantly improve by playing chess and brushing your teeth. Keep in mind at the beginning, you may also have to keep your Sim Energized but this definitely changes to Confident at level 5. 

Although there are no effective traits that will make this career path easier for you, there are still traits like the Genius trait that can make the daily tasks less stressful. You can also utilize the Self-Assured trait to keep your Confident level up as well. A useful thing about his career path is that your Sim will never have to work during the weekends.

Your Sim will start at level 1 as a Mailroom Technician and your daily tasks would be to just file reports. At level 7, this career path will separate into two different branches, the Management Career and the Investor Career.

The Sims 4 business career guide Characters discussing business

Management Branch

In the Management career branch, your daily task now is to make business calls. This branch is also designed around Charisma, so you need to max out on it and also preferably have level 8 logic. When your reach the top in this career branch, you will get paid $15,000 a week, which is really great.

With each business call you can gain +2 moodlets and you will also unlock rewards like the senior management suit, the executron executive desk throne, executron bookshelf, the executive guest chair, and the executron executive desk.

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Investor Branch

In the Investor career branch, your Sim’s daily task is to research stock. This can be done on a computer, however, it will be pretty time-consuming. Furthermore, this branch requires you to max out your Sim’s Logic and for smooth performance, your Sim should at least have level 8 of the Charisma Skill as well. Each daily task done will reward you with a +1 Focused Moodlet.

One of the best parts about this branch is that you will unlock the ability to invest in stocks which can essentially double your money. Keeping in mind that you can lose money, your Sim can invest up to $5000. So, it is totally worth it if you really want to earn some extra cash and have enough money to spare.

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