Starfield shadow in neon - Interacting Emmet

Starfield Shadows in Neon – attack or negotiate with Emmet?

Starfield offers players a dynamic experience filled with choices and consequences. One such pivotal moment occurs during the Starfield Shadows in Neon quest, where players must decide whether to attack or negotiate with Emmet regarding Billy’s debts.

In this guide, we will explore the pros and cons of both options to help you make an informed decision in Starfield.

So without further delay, let’s find out whether you should attack or negotiate with Emmet in Starfield Shadows in Neon Quest.

Should you Attack or Negotiate with Emment in Starfield?

When faced with the difficult task of resolving Billy’s debts, players have four distinct options. Each option carries its own set of consequences and rewards. Let’s delve into the details of each choice and examine their potential outcomes.


For players with high negotiation and persuasion skills, the negotiation option presents a compelling choice. By appealing to Emmet’s better nature, you can ask him to forgive Billy’s debts as a favor. In return, Emmet may request assistance from the Freestar Rangers.


Persuasion can be a powerful tool in Starfield, but it requires high skill levels to succeed. To convince Emmet to forgive Billy’s debts, you must clear all eight persuasion bars within three turns. Accomplishing this will result in Emmet’s forgiveness. However, failing to persuade him will trigger a battle against both Emmet and the Syndicate. To maximize your chances of a successful persuasion, focus on options related to the Freestar Rangers.

Pay the Debt

If you have the financial means, clearing Billy’s debt by paying Emmet 4000 credits is a viable alternative. This choice will please your companion and elevate your self-esteem. However, it’s essential to consider the impact on your resources and whether there are more advantageous options available.


A more aggressive approach is to threaten Emmet with violence. Opting to attack will initiate a fight with him. Utilize your weapon to eliminate Emmet, allowing you to loot his body for valuable supplies such as ammo, trauma packs, and squalls. Additionally, this choice grants access to the third locker, where you can collect Credstiks. In Emmet’s closet, you’ll find a Space Adept Coachman shotgun waiting to be claimed.

Each choice presents unique advantages and drawbacks, influencing your personal progression, relationship with companions, and access to valuable resources. Consider your character’s skills, resources, and desired outcomes carefully before making a decision.

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