Starfield factions guide - how and where to join them all Characters standing around a giant table

Starfield factions guide – how and where to join them all

Starfield’s expansive world not only comes with a beautiful futuristic environment but also with unfathomable knitted lore. You have the total liberty to explore these stories however you like and make your own decision. One of these major story choices will be reflected during the time when you get to meet the various factions populating the galaxy. But if you are worried about making the wrong decision, then this article will give you the locations of all the factions in Starfield.

These factions come with their own unique ideologies and characters, so you need to make sure to select the faction that connects with your playstyle and views. This decision will surely affect the overarching story in a major way.

Keep reading to find out about all the factions in Starfield. Hopefully, this article gives you a greater insight into how they operate.

Starfield factions guide - how and where to join them all Character looking at an electronic tablet

How to join and find all the factions in Starfield

There are a total of five main factions in Starfield. Read on to find out all about their locations and how you can join them:

  • Constellation: This faction is located in New Atlantis city on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. Their headquarters is known as the Lodge. They are also central to Starfield’s overarching plot. Technically if you are playing through the main questline and talking to the members, you are part of this faction.
  • United Colonies: This militaristic faction is located is also located in New Atlantis city on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. You will need to go to MAST headquarters building and talk to Commander Tuala. He will ask you to join them
  • Freestar Collective: This faction is actually an interstellar government, headquartered in Akila City on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system. You need to complete a quest which will activate when you go to the Galbank building, to join this group.
  • Crimson Fleet: Headquartered at The Key space station found in Kyrx System. This faction is full of space pirates, so if you are a player who likes playing the bad guy, then this is the faction for you. However, when it comes to joining this faction, you have to put in a little effort. So, basically, you first need to join the United Colonies and start the Grunt Work quest. After this quest, start the Delivering Devils quest, and talk to Tuala, he will give you another quest called Deep Cover that revolves around infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. Once you finish this quest, the Rock Meets King quest will begin, this is when you can join this faction.
  • Ryujin Industries: This faction’s headquarters is in Neon City located on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system. To join this faction, you have to trigger the “Back to the Grind” quest which you can do by going to the Ryujin Industries Kiosk to apply for a job. You will hear several NPCs talk about this.
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There are several minor factions in Starfield as well. However, most of them are not joinable. There is also no specific location where they are headquartered. Hence you will have to find the members randomly while exploring. It is possible that some of the minor factions may be favorable to you based on your character traits. In any case, the following are all the minor factions:

  • Xenofresh Corporation – They developed the Aurora drug and reside in Neon City
  • Ecliptic Mercenaries – There are a bunch of mercenaries and you do bounties for them
  • Spacers – A more hostile and militarized version of Ecliptic Mercenaries.
  • House of Va’ruun – Religious organization that believes in the Great Serpent.
  • Enlightened – An atheistic organization that believes in science
  • Sanctum Universum – A religious organization that believes in meeting God.
  • Red Mile – Group of gamblers who love to play deadly games.

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